HMRC Is Shite

HMRC Is Shite
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Thursday, 7 May 2015

RCTU Woos HMRC Staff

It seems that there is a new union offering HMRC staff an alternative to PCS. The R&C Trade Union (RCTU), formed earlier this year by former members of PCS, claims it can get a better deal for its members by talking with managers rather than striking.

PCS represents about 60,000 workers at HMRC, whilst (according to Lynden Melrose (senior officer at RCTU) RCTU has a membership "well into three figures".

RCTU says:
To those who say the employer will not respond a national level and the only way is industrial action, we say it has not worked in the past and will not in the future and that means we go on the way we are.

The employer goes on and we remain bottom of all the organisations in the annual staff survey. That is not a victory; it is a damning statement that must change.”
AccountingWeb notes that RCTU needs ‘voluntary recognition’ from HMRC so it can negotiate collectively on behalf of its members. That would probably mean getting at least thousands of members.

Time will tell!

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  1. There has to be a change. Thousands have left, been bullied out, Muppets are in charge. New approach not a bad idea.

  2. nothing will change, they want us to leave. the place is being run into the ground.

  3. "(according to Lynden Melrose (senior officer at RCTU) RCTU has a membership "well into three figures""

    I call crap on that.

    This 'union' comprises no more than half a dozen middle-management and associated hangers-on in one office in the NW of England, most of whom were expelled from PCS for acting contrary to the best interests of the membership.

    Can you spell "UDM"?

    And does the description "senior officer" apply to Melrose's pay grade or his position within this 'union'? If the latter, then they've been remarkably quick to hand out important job titles to each other.

    1. PCS are useless...but in reality the unions have very little power to do anything these days with anti union policy.We could strike for a month and the Excom wouldn't give a fuck...they would just hide and/or manipulate the figures.

      This so called union is "backed" by the senior's a is the employer i work for.....a fucking circus !!!

    2. Edit above.....the so called union is the RCTU i was talking about....PCS is useless...RCTU are management backed

    3. The PCS have let members down over the last 10 years and at last we have been promised a union (RCTU) that will campaign and negotiate for members. It is absolute rubbish that the membership is confined to one office in the NW of England. I understand that at least three HMRC offices in the Midlands have RCTU members.

    4. Management must be loving this......unions are in freefall,like the's more like Chipperfield's Circus by the day !!

    5. "at last we have been promised a union (RCTU) that will campaign and negotiate for members."

      And exactly how is that going to be done from a kneeling position?

      The latest on this, by the way, is that this 'union' has been allowed to put out what amounts to nothing less than a recruitment e-mail via the Dept's own internal e-mail system to the one office in the NW of England where they have any presence (because that's where their 'leadership' works). This could only have happened with the support and connivance of management, because any PCS officials putting out anything beyond the most minimal information are immediately threatened with disciplinary action.

  4. As I understand it, UNITE are poised to move in when PCS go bust. The alleged RCTU are no more than five scabs in a cupboard.

  5. the management are playing with you! divide and conquer, they are succeeding.

  6. And it's all irrelevant now........5 more years of Tory hell......get ready for our P45s !!

    1. We won't get P45s. It'll all be done electronically and when we go to sign on the DWP will use our final pay and tax figures and a tax code from HMRC...which will be completely wrong.

  7. The Unions have all been incapacitated now:

  8. ReCTUm as most of us call it!

    1. This is the only way the extreme left can deal with a democratic choice. They just hurl insults at anything they do not agree with. The PCS wrecked the Council of Civil Service Unions and are now due to mismanagement within PCS in dire financial straits. Hence the sell off of the PCS HQ building and the suspension of elections. How can this union claim to represent members when they cancel elections without consulting the membership.

  9. Division is the last thing we want in the HMRC unions at the moment. Claiming that the new union has senior management backing is not only dubious but irrelevant. It doesn't matter what senior management thinks; the shots are being called from a much higher level. Support the PCS and ARC, and if you don't like what they are doing, get involved. I bet senior management love this fighting.

  10. The proliferation of trade unions within the Civil Service has done little
    other than:
    1. Enable Government/Cabinet Office/Treasury to continue with a divide
    and rule policy.
    2. Provide an avenue for promotion for those "little" union officials who
    have towed the line that otherwise would have been denied for them.
    Conclusion if staff wish an improvement in conditions within HMRC they
    need just one trade union with "clout" to represent them otherwise they
    should keep their money in their pockets and forget trade union
    Retired Civil Servant.