Wednesday 13 December 2017

HMRC Systems Down?

My thanks to a loyal reader who posted yesterday that HMRC were down:
"Systems down again from 12PM...what a crap I.T system !!!"
I have had a look on Twitter and Google, but cannot find any mention of this. Have others experienced problems in the last 24 hours?


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  1. Yep....webchat was down and phone message said that only limited service was available....lasted for about 3 hours....but this is 2nd incident in 2 weeks
    No doubt will be swept under the carpet in this "brilliant" civil service.

  2. Happened at the same time same day of the week. Very odd. Management blaming BT but we are not convinced. SA, emails and all Intranet platforms affected. No doubt bullied staff will be blamed rather than excoms vision and plans.

  3. Because of all the part-time, flexi working etc (such as it is now) I seem to remember that Tuesday is the day when the maximum amount of staff are in work, just wondering if it is a system overload.It wouldn't surprise me, knowing how unstable the IT is.

  4. And surprise down again this morning...and only half the staff currently able to access their I.T....a world class organisation....gongs all round !!!

  5. Fuck this digital future, id rather have a digital present that's fit for purpose.

  6. Systems down again yesterday (14th) from early doors throughout the day. Came on intermittently for a few mins at a time then went on the blink again.

  7. Been trying to speak to someone for the last 2 days all I keep getting is the systems are down will be resolved shortly.. still waiting.. You would think this would be a priority being a government official site.

    1. Same here! I have been trying to contact HMRC for the past 3 days now. Each time I get the same reply - "systems are down, please try again tomorrow". I find it very frustrating! One would think they should aim to get it fixed as a matter of priority.

      HMRC ended calculating my tax credits incorrectly, my weekly payments have been reduced and now I am unable to get through to get it resolved :( Utter mess.

  8. Systems down for the last 2 days.. how can a government official site be down for so long