HMRC Is Shite

HMRC Is Shite
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Friday, 28 June 2019

HMRC's Interactions With Social Media

Here is an interesting response from HMRC to an FOI request made by someone (not me):
" Dear F. Thompson

Freedom of Information Act 2000 (FOIA)

Thank you for your request, which was received on 23 April, for the following information: “Has HMRC ever asked Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn or any other popular Social Media platforms to remove posts or block accounts from third parties, either via the providers built-in tools or other channels?. If so, please provide high level details.”

We can confirm HMRC holds information within scope of your request. We have taken action to remove 30 instances of inappropriate HMRC related content on social media sites. HMRC takes proactive and reactive action to tackle online threats, including requesting social media platforms to remove and/or block specific confusing, misleading or illegal HMRC related content, through existing relations and built in reporting tools.

In addition to monitoring and requesting removal/blocking of inappropriate HMRC related content on social media sites we have recovered over 140 websites infringing the HMRC brand including those which host low value services such as cal connection sites, saving customers in excess of £2.4 million in charges to date. We promote awareness of HMRC related scams in the press, including recent appearances on BBC Breakfast television, social media posts and press releases on scams taken up by a range of nationwide news outlets.

We have also taken proactive action to report abusive content directed to HMRC staff, which is unacceptable on any social media platform. We never ask for material to be removed simply because it’s critical of HMRC.""
Fair enough to eliminate accounts that are scams and threats, so long as non threatening/non illegal accounts aren't also targetted.

Tax does have to be taxing.

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  1. Self censorship then, why not go the whole hog and let them make the whole thing up with the spooks? You know, a bit like psyops only more up to date
    Ooh look, a squirrel!
    What....oh, yes.
    Sorry, ignore that....

  2. Knowing the immoral way HMRC operate, not least the way they try to cover up their toxic staff bullying culture (rather than actually dealing with the psychological violence), I fear that they apply a subjective assessment of what is 'abusive' to have perfectly acceptable posts, which are uncomfortable to them, removed. I have no doubt that in their warped world view, posts by those exposing the vile culture and people in HMRC who are guilty of serious misconduct or, worse, breaking the law, are deemed to be 'abusive' . The public has a right to know what goes on in the department, the public pay for them, and the issues go right to their organisational character and trustworthiness (or otherwise). About time the mainstream media also got behind these stories.

  3. Neither the general public nor the mainstream media give a toss about Civil Servants being bullied or otherwise mistreated. They never have and they never will.

    1. Same auld, same auld!
      Lost count of the number of times you have repeated this post.
      Those that have been bullied or otherwise mistreated never have and they never will, give a toss about you and your like.

      Now, crawl back under your lean/common purpose stone please.

    2. @21.43 was the first time I've posted on the subject.
      My post does not contain any criticism of those who have been bullied or otherwise mistreated.
      I do not work for HMRC so I have no "lean/common purpose stone" to crawl back under.
      Otherwise a highly relevant and insightful post from your good self.

    3. Gosh, what a coincidence that you should use the same words including 'toss' as previously used on this website?
      Whoda thunk that eh?!

  4. So I've used the same word as someone on another thread.
    Wow, that's me caught bang to rights then.
    Do you write this paranoid bilge for a bet.
    To digress slightly why does the obvious lack of sympathy that the public and media have, and have had for many years, towards public sector workers cause you to hurl abuse as @08.50. Don't blame the messenger!