HMRC Is Shite

HMRC Is Shite
Dedicated to the taxpayers of Britain, and the employees of Her Majesty's Revenue and Customs (HMRC), who have to endure the monumental shambles that is HMRC.

Wednesday, 17 November 2021

NAO Lambasts HMRC Staffing Levels

Tax does have to be taxing.

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  1. One in five HMRC staff have been laid off. Of those remaining, 25% are otherwise unemployable, the next 60% are next to useless, so it falls to the remaining 15% to hold the tide. It was ever thus.

    Also, with the corrupt staff bullying culture going unchecked, together with the majority of staff still 'working' from home, it is no surprise that this organisation has a Trustpilot rating of 1.3 and continues to fail the country.

    As for the HMRC management, their the type of scumbag that covers up for discrimination and violent misconduct.

    1. It is they're, not their.

      I wonder if that makes you "otherwise unemployable" or merely "next to useless".

  2. HMRC aren't accountable and are free to hide behind stone walling and platitude scripts.

  3. Get Jim Harra in front of a Parliamentary Committee - make HMRC accountable. Main issues to explore:

    1. Customer service delays/WFH etc;

    2. Workforce planning;

    3. Staff bullying, toxic culture, serious misconduct, lawbreaking etc. (Ask: how many staff have been driven to the brink of suicide by bullying, harassment and discrimination?); and

    4. Furlough fraud

  4. I can only speak for me, but when I worked for HMRC I was in the '15%'.

    As an HO, I ultimately took the advice of our DMB Assistant Director: "If you want to get on, get out".

    Yes, there are some good people people who work at HMRC. Yes, there are a LOT of wasters (otherwise unemployable) who couldn't trusted to run a bath. And they get away with thanks to the PCS Union. Yes, there is a toxic environment. Yes, management DO cover up bullying, discrimination, misconduct and the rest. And, no, I don't apologise for speaking honestly about HMRC.

    An organisation doesn't fail as spectacularly as HMRC without a problem with its culture - poor performance and conduct is considered the norm. Wakey, wakey!!

    1. Isn't it strange how everyone seems to think that they are one of the '15%'. Always somebody else's fault.

      Anyway, I am surprised that you were advised to get out if you wanted to get on as there has been a record amount of promotions, including grade-skipping, in the last decade. Maybe he/she just wanted rid of you.

      But where your argument really falls down is in blaming the PCS for much of the department's woes. Anyone with even the most basic knowledge of the current HMRC knows that the PCS is almost completely powerless and ignored by the management at every turn. And if most of the staff couldn't be trusted to run a bath and poor performance is considered the norm wouldn't a bit of management 'bullying' be expected?

  5. A fast tracker speaks... Here we have someone equating bullying (i.e. bullying that breaches the Equality Act and other legislation, and which could be considered a hate crime) with 'strong management'.

    In actual fact, as someone who spent time as a FLM, robust management was something I seldom witnessed within HMRC.

    1. But surely if bullying is so commonplace in HMRC then the massively powerful PCS union would be on the case.
      Unless either the PCS isn't powerful or there isn't much bullying.
      Your argument is fatally flawed.

    2. The problem with PCS is they 'represent' the perpetrators as well as their victims. As bullying within HMRC is carried out by cowardly mobs of bullies (i.e the victims are always outnumbered), it doesn't take a genius to figure why PCS looks the other way. Though it does tell us a lot about that union and its reps - zero integrity.
      Your counter 'argument' is fatally flawed.

    3. So organised gangs of bullies are roaming HMRC determined to single out innocent members of staff and commit hate crimes against them?
      I don't believe you.

    4. LOL. Silly little person.

    5. Lose an argument and resort to abuse. How classy.

    6. I realise that there maybe some instances of bullying, but far and few between. Maybe the staff are growing thinner skins? Asking someone to do something (which is part of their duties) more than twice raises complaints of bullying. Perhaps PCS see it this way too, so they do not pursue.

    7. It is a difficult one. Before I retired a few years back those that I knew who formally complained about bullying were either complete wasters ( who as you say were simply asked to do the job they were being paid to do ) or people who had been promoted or appointed to a job that they just couldn't cope with.
      On the other hand management took, shall we say, an unnecessarily hostile attitude to those staff who were actually bringing in the revenue with the absurd 'in need of improvements quota system. This quasi-threatening attitude could reasonably be described as 'bullying'.
      There is, or was, a genuine problem with management in HMRC but, as ever, the case against them is weakened by some of the hysterics on here. As long as there are idiots saying that senior management and HR are attempting to murder staff by deliberately driving them to suicide then nobody outside of the department will take the matter seriously.
      And don't even get me started on why these idiots don't take their 'evidence' to the relevant authorities.

    8. Exactly that, just why not take the evidence to a solicitor that specialises in employment law?
      It seems such an open and shut case. Actually, maybe a solicitor has already told this person it won't go anywhere and has closed it.

  6. If the questions are Phil Cross-Rudkin & Mike Skelton, what are the answers?

    1. Please don't be so mysterious.
      Feel free to explain your point to those of us who have never heard of these gentlemen.