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HMRC Is Shite
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Tuesday, 17 June 2008

£4M Cost of Closure

£4M Cost of ClosureThe ongoing restructuring within HMRC is not going down well with the staff and unions. The Public and Commercial Services Union has estimated that plans to close Mansfield Street in Derby, and move it to Nottingham, will cost around £4M.

The union estimate that it will cost approximately £3M to retrain staff, and a further £1.35M in travel expenses over three years for those who relocate to the new offices.

HMRC made the proposal last year to shut the Mansfield Road and Agard Street offices and move 400 staff. At that time the local Evening Telegraph began a campaign "Hands Off Our Taxmen" (HOOT), which had the effect of causing HMRC to change plans and agree to only close Mansfield Street with the relocation of 200 staff.

The union calculate that 130 staff will relocate, while the remaining 70 will have to be retrained for different posts.

Under relocation rules, HMRC have to cover the travel costs of those moving to Nottingham for three years. Union officials have estimated that with 130 staff travelling each day (remember there are daily mileage allowances) and paying £35 a week to park in Nottingham, that cost will be £1.35M over three years.

A union spokesman is quoted in the Evening Telegraph:

"The 70 staff who are not moving will have to be retrained to new roles and staff from Nottingham who have to fill those vacancies will have to be retrained as well because the work is about local compliance for Derby.

HMRC's insistence that the transfer of a particular business area still takes place runs directly counter to every statement the Government has ever made about cutting waste in the Civil Service.

HMRC has given some flimsy rationale relating to cutting the costs of running the department yet, as we can see, the decision makes no economic sense

HMRC are quoted:

"We do not recognise the figure that the unions have given but we are consulting widely and we will be interested to hear how the unions arrived at this figure."

Whatever the truth or otherwise of the figures being quoted one thing is clear, the costs (financial, time, inefficiency) will be borne by the taxpayer.

However, will we actually see any benefits?

Tax does have to be taxing.

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  1. Dear Ken

    As a close friend of a serving officer in HMRC I can tell you that I am reliably informed that the Nottingham scenario, as described, is "but the mere tip of the iceberg". There are a whole raft of office closures and mergers up and down the length of the country eg, Gtr Manchester and central Scotland to name but two. These downsizing plans are allegedly part of the "HMRC ambition" to "drive down costs" and "drive up performance". The managers love to use terms such as "optimisation" and "cross-tax working" to try to sell it to their staff, but it aint working 'cause the staff can see right through this sorta bullshit. The reality is in point of fact that these closures are driving staff morale through the floor... perhaps HMRC management would do better to remember that "happy cows give creamier milk"... well the converse is equally true because the datagate fiasco last year and postrooms filled to bursting point with sacks of unopened mail going back months, yes MONTHS, are the reality!!!

  2. Here's some actual figures for you.

    Earnings 34.5K

    Employer ni 3712
    Employee ni 3204
    paye 5808
    council tax 1720
    duty / vat on petrol 1170
    vat on gas / electric 72
    vat on drink / meals out 315
    vat on other purchases 620
    ins premium tax 68
    airport departure tax 40
    road fund licence 170
    stamp duty on house purchase
    divided by 10 years expected
    stay in house 9000 / 10 = 900
    New car vat divided by 5 years
    expected time car kept 2550 / 5 = 510
    less child benefit - actually nil
    less tax credits -actually nil

    Total tax take 18309.00

  3. You could put that last comment on the main page Ken, so more people can see the level of the rip off.