HMRC Is Shite

HMRC Is Shite
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Thursday, 26 February 2009

Security Matters? - II

Security Matters? - IIStephen Timms, the financial secretary to the Treasury, has told the Commons that there have been 11,266 security breaches at HMRC since it was formed in 2005.

The breaches, according to Timms, cover "a wide range" including; unlocked cupboards, losses, theft, suspicious behaviour and vandalism.

I guess this one was on the list as well?

"Did you hear the one about the lady who attended a Data Security Workshop held at an HMRC building?

Apparently sitting through both the morning afternoon sessions, and enjoying the departmental coffee and sandwiches, she obviously found it all to be a worthwhile exercise.

The fact that she was actually a member of the public, who had mistakenly wandered in to the building, only came to light when the facilitator asked everyone present to hold up their Data Security booklet, and of course the lady had to admit that she hadn't actually been given one.

You couldn't make it up

Tax does have to be taxing.

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  1. I recall once, due to a mixup at the reception desk, sitting in on the wrong meeting for about 15minutes. As it was a meeting to discuss MOD computer procurement just as well I wasn't a Russian spy.

    The fact that I was there that long without twigging says a lot about meetings where any government department is involved.

  2., as Ken didn't bother.

  3. My "best ever" (in a way) meeting was some years ago in Washington. I hasten to add that I neither organised nor "led" the meeting, I was just a grunt, a bum on a seat, told: be here do this say that and behave yourself.

    At 0900HRS on Day One I opened by saying to the opposing team 'I understand that you want us to take over support of this system.'

    At 0900HRS and three seconds came the answer 'No'.

    That was me done for the next four days of the meeting ... I ate, I drank, I doodled and I took some very long breaks (i.e., went sightseeing). Then when we all got back to the office I claimed my expenses, invoiced for my time as a bastard bloodsucking contractor working for one of H.M.'s Departments and that was that. It was never mentioned again.

    My "Boss", the guy who had organised the meeting hadn't even looked surprised at the blunt "No", didn't query or argue it and, in short, seemed not the least bit bothered by it. Imean, we'd all shown our ID and everything so what's to worry about?