HMRC Is Shite

HMRC Is Shite
Dedicated to the taxpayers of Britain, and the employees of Her Majesty's Revenue and Customs (HMRC), who have to endure the monumental shambles that is HMRC.

Tuesday, 25 January 2011

There Is Nothing Like a Dame - The Movie

My thanks to a loyal reader who advises me that Dame Lesley Strathie has released a video on the HMRC intranet.

I am advised that during the 3 minute video the "Grande Dame" talks about 2010, and about how bad 2010 was (for her, or her staff and the taxpayers I wonder?).

I am also advised that there are quite a number of "erms" during the video.

I have tried to find a copy on the internet, but have so far failed.

Please, if anyone has a copy to hand, could they send it to me (or upload on YouTube and let us know the link)?


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  1. No!!!!, do not upload it. There is enough shit on the net as it is.

  2. Why doesnt she and the rest of that crew just piss off.

    They ruined two departments and have made it a misery to work there, lost millions of peoples child benefit details and screwed up the tax affairs of tens of thousands of people who are hanging on with their fingertips.
    And she decides to make a happy clappy video.
    What planet are these people on.

  3. It is Oscar nomination day. Could there be a link.

  4. well she has to at least attempt to justify her unjustifiable existence after leading HMRC to its doom and destroying its credibility and respect. I bet her personal life is as miserable as she is.

  5. If you do get a copy, watch her hands! Dead giveaway of a liar!

  6. RE: Anon at 25 January 2011 13:31

    I'm surprised it didn't receive a Razzie (Golden Raspberry) nomination!

  7. Anyone working in any civil service department will recognise this for what it is, senior management always have to be seen to 'address the issues' raised in the recently published staff survey.
    This is simply a box ticking exercise for the pantomime dame's annual appraisal with the Minister.
    My advice Minister - ditch the bitch or lose your own credibility along with hers.

  8. "Why doesnt she and the rest of that crew just piss off."

    They cannot go until they are sure the pensions are in order and all their contributions are accounted for correctly.

  9. She said in her defence that unlike other businesses she can't pick and choose her customers. Hooray! She's getting there! HMRC is NOT A BUSINESS - there are no customers, only taxpayers. As long as these clowns continue to insist that HMRC is a business there will not be an intelligent rescue strategy. HMRC is a PUBLIC SERVICE. Geddit?

  10. The video is over 9MB, so I can't e-mail it out of the Dept. as there's a 2MB limit on attachments.

    I found that it was best watched with the sound off.

    BTW, to those who have seen it (or have seen photos of here), doesn't ma dame look like a young Nora Batty?

  11. "Nora Batty", that's it. For some reason I could not get the name "Compo" out of my mind.