Wednesday 19 December 2012

NAO Report On HMRC Flawed

Yesterday's article about HMRC's call handling performance prompted some discussion and comments alluding to the fact that the National Audit Office (NAO) may be somewhat unwise to rely on data provided by HMRC.

My thanks to loyal reader Stuart Jones who pointed out this wee sentence on page 17 para 1.14 of the report, that acknowledges that the data provided is a tad "iffy":d
"Furthermore, HMRC may have overestimated its performance. All customers who hang up during the automated message are counted as being answered."
Hmm, ie the statistics and the report itself is flawed!

Oh and by the way, whilst my dander is up, the fact that HMRC don't know how much Cable & Wireless (the telephony provider) make out of the contract, nor does HMRC have any right to oversight, is farking disgraceful!

Page 8 para 13:
"Cable & Wireless provides HMRC’s phone service and receives a proportion of the call charges borne by the customer. HMRC has chosen not to receive a share of the revenue and does not know how much Cable & Wireless receives because it has no contractual access to this information."

Tax does have to be taxing.

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  1. As the poster who was accused of being a liar by a Shill yesterday I feel somewhat vindicated.
    I have been a poster for a long time and know what I talk about re. HMRC Muppets from bitter experience and observation.
    My sincere thanks to Stuart & Ken for top class work.
    Wait till the dots are really joined up as the MP's work out their constituents ARE ALL saying the same things.

  2. P.8 para 13 as quoted above
    HMRC receives the VAT on the customers phone calls without doing anything - Cable & Wireless even collect it for them, unless of course C&W buys its coffee in Switzerland as well as the rest!
    And knowing HMRC's inability to sign up to a contract that works to the taxpayer/UKPLC benefit why am I not surprised by the last sentance.
    Boy's playing in a Man's world, Lions led by Donkeys, Muppets without a script it is worse than a combined Ealing Comedy and a Pantomime farce combined.
    Nice to see the shills caught out so well though, well done.

  3. Ken
    Another muppet has infiltrated your blog

    Anonymous19 December 2012 20:33

    is bollocks

    wants removing

  4. all this is all well and good but the REALLY fcukin frustrating thing is sweet FA is done about it.

    'Customers' pay throught the nose for HMRC incompetence, you go to appeal and make formal complaints and NONE of this is every admitted to by HMRC...

    always the 'customers' fault

    and what they fail to realise is one person may phone up and get through while another may make ten attempts and NEVER get through

    it is OUTRAGEOUS!

    Somebody need to get a grip and kick some arse including that Scots bloke who has disappeared back to Scotland – nice one Gordon. (what's his pension and pay-off?)

  5. If we could all run a business where the customer paid all the bills including legal costs, big bonuses for the top levels and anything else involved in running the business, you would imagine it was all a fantastic dream.
    Welcome to the world of reality sheeples, you are beginning to wake up after decades of sleep walking existence.
    It's your fecking money this lot and the politicians are wasting and you may just begin to realise that they dont care a hoot!

    1. Why are you guys suprised? We live in a country where Strictly is the opium of the masses, the only qualification you need to go to university is to not be poor, private landlords own whole streets that used to be council housing and get housing benefit that used to go back to public coffers and democracy has been replaced by risk averse beurocrats. Nothing will change until you lot start hurting - then and only then will you speak out and it may be too late.