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HMRC Is Shite
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Friday, 31 July 2015

The Apprentice

HMRC has launched its first digital apprenticeship programme as part of the government-led Tech Industry Gold Apprenticeship scheme.

HMRC is offering 15 four-year apprenticeships to students interested in training as software developers and studying at the same time as earning a wage.

There apprenticeships are at HMRC’s Newcastle upon Tyne-based Digital Delivery Centre, where the candidates will be paid £23,367 in addition to studying for a degree.

Partnering with Northumbria University, apprentices will study for a BSc (Hons) digital and technology solution degree, funded by HMRC. Apprentices will receive day release to lectures, a study leave allowance and access to senior leaders from the HMRC team to act as mentors.

Computer Weekly quoites Peter Schofield, director of IT development, test and operations at HMRC:
The Newcastle Digital Delivery Centre was set up last year. There is a scrum team and agile teams there, and the apprenticeship aims to find new talented staff. 

HMRC has one of the largest IT estates in the UK and we have plans to further digitalise the business. Apprentices will learn how to make digital services for the public simpler, clearer and faster for them to keep up to date with their taxes and changes in circumstances.

We are looking forward to how it goes and to finding other ways to drive the Tech Industry Gold Apprenticeship programme further.”
The chosen 15 will learn how to build web and mobile products, implement application programming interfaces for internal and external use, and build automated test suites to support a continuous deployment environment.

Schofield wants "girls" to apply:
The HMRC IT team has 45% females and we strongly encourage girls to apply for this apprenticeship.

We have a clear message of the benefits that the HMRC can offer, what we do digitally and how we can change things, so it is proving not too difficult to interest female candidates with our clear problem solving message.” 
Applications are open to all those aged 16 and over, and will close 7 August 2015.

Candidates wishing to apply should submit a copy of their achieved – or predicted – academic qualifications and CV, along with a 750-word personal statement outlining:
• What has attracted you to the role?
• Why do you want to work for HMRC?
• What are your aspirations in relation to the role and your future career?

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  1. This should have been done a few years ago

  2. I'd love to see some of the reason applicants put in answer to "Why do you want to work for HMRC?".

    It won't be for job security, pay or feeling valued, will it?