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HMRC Is Shite
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Wednesday, 7 October 2015

HMRC Goes Phishing - The Many "Lovers" of Ms Balandis

Last week I wrote the following:
"Debbie Balandis, a single mother, has had a wee bit of a falling out with HMRC, after HMRC threatened to stop her £140 per week child tax credits; because it thought that she was in a relationship.

The "man" that HMRC identified as her partner, based on activity viewed by HMRC of her bank account, was Martin McColl.

All very fine, except that Martin McColl is the trading name of her local branch of RS McColl (a chain of newsagents)
Sadly for Ms Balandis HMRC are not taking their error lying down, as Ms Balandis is quoted by the Daily Record:
I went to a Citizens Advice office on Wednesday to get this sorted out as I have literally not a single penny. A representative called HMRC and they told her they actually have me on their records as having three boyfriends now.

I’m apparently having a relationship with the post office, a previous tenant and now my landlord which is completely untrue.”
Presumably the landlord and previous tenant have also shown up on her bank statements.

Sounds like a bit of a phishing trip to me!

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  1. You couldn't make it up. I'm a former employee and finding out exactly what it's like to be a "customer" of HMRC.

  2. It seems as though far from making no connections, 'connect' has slithered forwards to making the wrong connections.
    Wonder whether there is greater room for a class action than first envisaged?
    A well structured FOI request backed up with maybe a non-tame MP demanding to see just what has been written and/or stated by HMRC about this taxpayer would pave the way forward?
    Perhaps a 'sponsored' case as HMRC will no doubt hit the 'panic' Barrister representation button as usual.
    As a former employee as well I know exactly what its like as a 'customer', the system is beyond broken, its incapacitated.

  3. Subject Access Request

  4. Its all very well amassing and possessing these huge data warehouses, its another thing interpreting the data correctly!

    It smacks of an evangelical belief that because it looks like a duck it must be so, welcome to the world of reality, where all is not as it seems and get yourself some experienced staff in decision making roles!

    Computer says...'my arse!'

  5. Smells like the work of concentrix

    1. Dear Ken,
      Therein lies a tale which a modicum of key-bashing opens up a veritable 'Pandora's Box' of intrigue:-
      It would apear that taxpayer confidential details may be being passed electronically (hint!) to a US outsourcing (where?) company paid by the taxpayers contributions to undertake checks formerly carried out by guessed it, HMRC!
      What has led to this may only be guessed at but loss of jobs must have some bearing upon the matter?

      This was being reported back in February e.g. by The Guardian, see-

      The Gingerbread charity lists some indicators being checked-
      Bills that are still in joint names, eg mobile phones, utility bills
      - Credit cards still in joint names
      - Joint bank accounts (even if they are not used)
      - Electoral roll records still listing your ex-partner as a resident in your home
      - Council tax bills that still show an ex-partner’s name
      - Tenancy agreements in joint names registered at your property
      - Your child’s details appearing in financial records (if they are an adult but still living at home).

      Begs the rather loud question WTF?!

      There must be at least 1/2 dozen areas of legislation potentially transgressed here.

      Are we seeing Privatisation by the back door?
      Who has oversight of the people working with such data re. suitability, vetting, ability etc?
      The sheeple need to wake up.

      Over to you Ken.