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HMRC Is Shite
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Tuesday, 19 January 2016

Crickhowell - The Town That Took On The Taxman

BBC2 21:00 20 January 2016

What do people really mean by “tax haven”? Right now you’re probably running through a list of places: the Cayman Islands, Jersey, Bermuda. The name probably not on the tip of your tongue is Crickhowell. However, if big corporations can take themselves “offshore” to protect their profits, why not a little Welsh town?

This TV-backed experiment is a smart breakdown of the schemes multinationals use to stack the deck against small businesses and national governments alike. Who knows, maybe after this we’ll all be looking up these tools of the tax trade – on Google, probably, which of course knows all of them already.

About this programme

Small businesses in Crickhowell in the Brecon Beacons, South Wales take on a mission to copy the techniques used by multinational companies and set up a DIY tax avoidance scheme. Using complicated, but legal, accounting techniques, the UK's biggest organisations run rings around HMRC and pay little or no corporation tax. The programme follows the Welsh town's local traders as they visit tax havens, tax lawyers and even a taxman to see if they can level the playing field and legally avoiding paying tax. Presented by Heydon Prowse.

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  1. Pity the programme didn't cover how they might spend any remaining profit e.g. by bringing it back into the UK maybe to pay for a new car or kids tuition/college. Also missed the question of APN's.
    Harrah appeared a split personality between Gulliver on one side (don't bother with little people, minions do that) and The Laughing Gnome.
    One cafe owners house would certainly garner the attention of the taxman by its apparent opulence in a high value property area.
    In addition, there is no place for altruism when it comes to tax planning/avoidance/minimalisation. If its legit, do it, its what the Law allows.
    Is it going to cause the authorieites a headache? I think not, the potential tax loss is too small, the loopholes will have been looked at and additional legislation already in draft, and in the interim through your letterbox comes an ANP.
    Pretty town though Crickhowell, the taxman used to use The Bear Hotel quite frequently.

  2. They failed to ask a few questions about why the tax laws are structured the way thay they are, who drafts them and advises the government of the day about their structure and best of all, how do the revolving doors work?
    What with big accountancy firm employees drafted in along with tax and law specialists, the cynical might believe there is a conspiracy.

    Of course Crickhowell has had its 10 minutes of fame (bit longer really) but if it beleives for one minute the taxman and HMG are going to let them get away with this 'stuff and nonsense', well see who drops in for a test purchase at which establishments.

    Vindictive? Ask Osita Mba!

  3. Hmm, Beeb not letting up anytime soon, BBC2 today, 21:00 to 23:00.
    Makes you wonder why the mobile phone 'carousel' used the Caymans?