HMRC Is Shite

HMRC Is Shite
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Thursday, 28 April 2016

Treasury Select Committee Rubbishes HMRC's Digital Revolution

The Treasury select committee has criticised HMRC’s plans to digitise tax on the basis of the cost burden it will place on business.

The committee notes that the project (which needs businesses to use prescribed software to file tax information quarterly) will add to their compliance costs and makes it ‘implausible’ that they will achieve the predicted administrative savings.

This is something that loyal readers already know, and have been trying to communicate to HMRC. In fact I understand that Troup is a zealot wrt the "digital revolution" and, when engaged with on the subject by a loyal reader, was not just deaf to her points that it will be costly and burdensome but talked over her as she tried to make her case.

The question is, has HMRC done a full impact assessment on the costs/benefits (to the taxpayers) of the digital project?

No, I don't think it has. In fact Andrew Tyrie (chairman of the committee) has asked the very same of Gauke in this letter.

Tax does have to be taxing.

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  1. If Troup gets his way how long before "Joe Public"will be required to keep records the HMRC way even if they aren't computer literate?

  2. HMRC & impact assessments, you must be joking, they don't even bother with those required by full statute e.g. H&S, Equality Act etc.

    However, when you sweep so much under the carpet because you can, you end up tripping over the lumps!

    Watch that horizon there's a shite storm a'coming. ;)

  3. Perhaps the publishing of The Panama Papers details will be enlightening?

    How many HMRC 'off the books' managers put their earnings offshore?

  4. HMRC are shit heads, special deals, not chasing certain friends, wasting tax payers funds, I.T. fuck ups, cant contact them, shit service etc etc. Same old shit as 5 years ago, and itll be the same in 5 years time. mark my words.

  5. The "digital revolution " is smoke and mirrors to disguise the fact that they want a third of the staff off the payroll by 2020 , and to cover the fact that the leases with Mapeleys are running out leaving the department with no estate or expensive new leases( having signed leases with a provider based in Bermuda to avoid capital gains on disposals , you couldnt make it up , and guess what the rental costs ran over half a billion on budget ! )If people think its bad waiting 40 minutes for the phone to be answered now , you aint seen nothing yet..

  6. Digital revolution? My arse!
    Its like a mix of early Star Trek, The Muppet Show, Grange Hill and Open All Hours in there.
    Managers who should not have been promoted above the grade of paperkeeper (no disrespect) or who are shit scared of standing up for their staff against bullying, untouchable senior managers without a shred of responsibility and such troughing for % allowances as you would never imagine for them in a certain Flawed Enforce Meant mire.
    If you wish to be at the top HMRC then you need some damn good quality mountaineers to climb the huge dung heap that you currently are.

  7. You just knew when they tried to avoid parliamentary scrutiny the house was going to get riled and rightly so. I can see an almighty fuck up here with u turns a plenty thinly disguised as revisions.

  8. All part of building our future. Im sure there has been just as thorough impact assessment as has gone into the fortcoming massacre of the offices. That is, but it wont work. Oh ok, well we're doing it anyway as when it fails we can say hmrc isnt performing as well as expected. Lets privatise it so we can reap real benefits for our 'customers'.
    And then they can fuck off all us current staff that are unlucky enough to still be there, which hmrc have been looking to do for years but wont offer packages to us as it will cost too much.