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HMRC Is Shite
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Wednesday, 7 February 2018

HMRC Glasgow Regional Centre

HMRC confirms location of Glasgow Regional Centre

Press Release   •   Feb 07, 2018 12:34 GMT

The Glasgow Regional Centre
HM Revenue and Customs (HMRC) has formally signed an agreement to lease a ten storey new build, at 1 Atlantic Square, Argyle Street in Glasgow, for 25 years. HMRC will be one of the largest employers in the city, adding value to the local economy and forming strong relationships with the community.

HMRC will be taking an estimated 187,205 sq. ft. of office space, eventually accommodating around 2,700 full-time equivalent employees from across the department by 2021. Atlantic Square is the 10th of the 13 new regional centres that HMRC has announced, as part of its transformation plans to create a tax authority fit for the future. HMRC is investing in the best of modern technology and basing its people in state-of-the-art and more cost-effective buildings, as it creates better, more modern customer services and makes it harder for the dishonest minority to cheat the system.

Jon Thompson, HMRC Chief Executive and First Permanent Secretary, said:

“Our Glasgow Regional Centre is another step in HMRC’s transformation into a modern, digitally-advanced tax authority. The centre will bring teams together promoting closer working relationships, increasing our effectiveness in collecting taxes and targeting the minority who don’t pay. We will invest in our people by creating career development opportunities, while creating stronger relationships with the local community.

"We are delighted to have agreed terms for Atlantic Square and to have made a commitment to our Regional Centre in Glasgow. This is the beginning of a process that will see our staff come together in state-of-the-art facilities, and make HMRC an important contributor to the economy and to communities in and around Glasgow.”

A Cabinet Office spokesperson said:

“We are investing in multi-departmental government hubs across the UK so that even more civil servants will be able to work in modern, flexible offices, delivering the best quality public services from every corner of the country.”

Leader of Glasgow City Council, Councillor Susan Aitken, said:

“This is a significant and long-term investment in Glasgow that reinforces the city’s status as a world-class business location and a major hub for jobs in the financial services sector.”

Notes for Editors
1. The building will be subject to a 25 year lease on around 187,205 sq. ft. of office space.
2. HMRC instructed JLL to undertake a comprehensive search of Glasgow, and the Atlantic Square development was found to be by far the most suited and cost effective.
3. BAM Properties Ltd and TCP Developments Ltd are developing Atlantic Square as a joint venture.
4. The lease payments on the new HMRC Glasgow Regional Centre will be taxable in the UK.
5. HMRC is satisfied the deal represents the best value for money for the taxpayer.
6. HMRC announcement made in November 2015 about the location of all the regional centres.
7. HMRC has signed the leases of 10 new regional centre locations and the Newcastle Regional Centre will retain the current site at Benton Park View.
8. HMRC will retain a presence in East Kilbride until 2025/26.
Issued by HM Revenue & Customs Press Office
HM Revenue & Customs (HMRC) is the UK’s tax authority.

HMRC is responsible for making sure that the money is available to fund the UK’s public services and for helping families and individuals with targeted financial support.

GlasgowRegional Centre
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HMRC Press Officer for Scotland
Scotland Contact: 03000 519 451
 07469 023 331

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  1. Thompson and HMRC are keen to emphasise they'll be one of the largest employers in Glasgow but are they going to fess up to the bullying culture, and the brutal way they mistreat victims if they complain? What about they way they fabricate documents in an attempt to both frustrate legitimate legal proceedings & pervert the course of justice?

    People considering working for HMRC should at least be informed.

    1. Don't apply to work for HMRC - it really is brutal.
      I am a survivor of their relentless bullying culture.
      Numerous civil and criminal offences were committed by HMRC against me in a campaign to drive me out after exposing the very same culture. Truth tellers beware.
      As a result I have been diagnosed with post traumatic stress disorder.
      It you risk working for them you effectively sign away your legal rights as hmrc do not abide the law and as others have said fabricate evidence to cover it up.

    2. Hi, I experienced similar issues and was dismissed after 17 years service. Have you ever thought about seeking damages from HMRC as this will publically highlight the issues.

    3. Here we go -

    4. Interesting. Another victim of HMRC's bullying and downright dishonesty. I wish the victim well.

      This makes us wonder why, when Heather Connolly permitted sensitive & confidential data into the hands of an unauthorised third party, contrary to the Data Protection Act 1998 and CRCA 2005 (both criminal offences), HMRC HR & management went out of their way to cover up the entirety of the bullying and took NO ACTION WHATSOEVER in regard to the clear law-breaking even though, in any event, it would be gross misconduct. What was the motivation for protecting Connolly? Oh yes, it was a malicious attempt to ensure the victim could not obtain appropriate justice for loss of health & livelihood resulting from unlawful behaviour of HMRC.

      On the other hand, in the above ET case, which HMRC deemed to be 'minor misconduct' (whether we even believe that) they then go on to unlawfully treat it as gross misconduct, sacking the employee and depriving the victim of their livelihood.

      So real, genuine, gross misconduct, as in Connolly's law-breaking, is swept under the carpet, while alleged minor misconduct is altered to become gross misconduct. (Anyone else thing it dodgy that HMRC don't know who made that decision?)

      A lack of consistency. A casual attitude towards bullying & mistreatment. A casual attitude to the law and their own internal procedures. Dishonesty and a make it up as they go along approach. And nobody at HMRC will ever be taken to task for any of this? Shocking.

    5. Re: 11/02/18 11:54. To clear, the reason HMRC protected the criminal wrongdoer was because her false statements were needed to cover-up the rest of HMRC's law-breaking (employment, equality law etc) in the case. In other words they said: help us to defeat the truth and we'll see that you avoid investigation, prosecution or disciplinary proceedings and will be able to retire on full pension in due course...

      It doesn't hardly inspires any trust or confidence in the integrity of the HMRC does it.

  2. "HMRC will be one of the largest employers in the city, adding value to the local economy and forming strong relationships with the community."

    That's good sense. How is the same logic being applied to the South West of England? Where are the offices going to be in the South West of England?

  3. They might be going to be one of the largest employers in the city . At the expense of all the poor people at the other locations which will have closed.

  4. Jon Thompson and the HMRC senior management are full of shit...without doubt one of the nastiest employers around...there is no humanity in this organisation...the lower grades are treated with contempt even though it is they who are doing all the work for them.
    Utter scum.

    1. The way HMRC senior management treat staff is inhumane. All backed up by cowards in HR (who try to remain anonymous), who justify the cover-ups they organise as "just doing their jobs". Really what they are doing is screwing over decent staff who do the gritty real work (which pays their wages etc) - they could not care less about the mental health suffering including thoughts of suicide which their behaviour inflicts.

      To those working for HMRC going through this right now - talk to someone and get the hell out of the place. And for those desperate for a job - don't do it.

      My partner spent two decades loyally serving HMRC in a frontline enforcement role and was verbally abused and subjected to violence from members of the public. That was all accepted as part of the role. But the bullying and downright violence from HMRC themselves was something else. Jon Thompson even thought it okay to try to mislead an MP around the way HMRC had failed to deal with it all. Maybe someone forget the bit of the civil service about honesty and integrity etc. Disappointing and not a good example from the top.

      To echo the words above "utter scum", they going around masquerading as law-abiding, morally decent, civil servants but sadly they have to be judged on their gutless conduct.

  5. It was a well known fact the best offices harbouring the most intelligent experienced tax experts were in the local smaller offices. The larger city offices had a high turnover transigent workforce using hmrc and indeed the old revenue or c and e as a stepping stone to the jobs market in the cities they served. All the experience is draining away leaving a zero hours culture in regional centres. Hoorah for building our future ....

  6. Word has it that most of the RC's are too small for the amount of people that were going there. A case in point is Stratford. When BOF was at its height we in the SE were told that 5000+ were going to work there, this has now dropped to 3200. The result of this is you either go to some far flung part of the county, and if you are lucky and reskill, you will still have a job in HMRC if you are lucky, otherwise its a way of throwing you out of the door. They dress it up saying this might not happen for 3-5 years in certain locations, but that is only while staff dig them out of the shit that Brexit is going to create, once they are in a position to carry on with BAU then they will get rid of you, BTW did anyone know they changed the redundancy terms just before the announcement, so they are even less favourable than before. The reason for the reduction in numbers ar Stratford is that the building costs have risen in London and only the most essential of staff will be working there. What a disgusting cynical ploy, thy have been sitting on this for ages hence the silence and drip feed of information. The department is run by C***s , they will surely fail in this clusterfuck of an exercise. The creators of which are long or will be long gone by th time it all blows up in their faces, and it will be left to the workface to try and get through this.

    1. We,the staff are being treated with total disdain....while that fat fucker Thompson fills his Twitter account with "brilliant" bullshit...bastard !!

    2. ...and sent a deliberately misleading letter to an MP. There is nothing worse than a liar.

    3. Thompson.. HMRC's answer to Trump.

    4. Who ate all the pies? I wouldn't trust the fatty to run a bath let alone run the tax department...

    5. Surprise fucking surprise fat boy Thompson been made head of Operation Delivery for the Civil Service...the "largest government profession"...what the fuck does it actually do...i fear it's another of those made up organisations which has an important name but does sweet FA...another gong in the offing Jon ?

    6. Operational Delivery is indeed made up - a profession made up by an overpaid idiot. It is the shitty front-line AO, direct taxpayer-contact jobs.

  7. worthy of a knighthood then

  8. Just a thought people. These cover ups in HMRC, would they not amount to criminal conduct by HMRC HR/managed engaged the murky, immoral behaviour?

  9. Do go to a sympathetic lawyer to sue for damages.
    It seems a bit easier for ex-employees to take them on than it is for hapless taxpayers to sue under the Human Rights Act or other legislation. The courts have a record of coming down on the taxman's side.

    Rather like their historic tendency to believe that the police tell the truth. Mmm, well...

    I'm surprised an HMRC employee hasn't yet used a hidden video camera to document the behaviour and then gone to a newspaper or TV with the evidence. Admittedly, it's called burning your bridges as your only career path after that might be journalism but some people believe in doing the right thing/integrity.

    1. Reading your site with interest as part of broader research into 'dignity in the workplace'. Do any readers know of any successful outcomes for those injured by HMRC or if there have been any criminal actions against HMRC or individual staff?

  10. He'll have to deal with this one first

    1. Mmm...floodgates begining to creak somewhat, this one appears to have some serious equality issues associated with it as well!

  11. unless they have a magic button that covers their ears and shuts their eyes