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HMRC Is Shite
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Wednesday, 4 April 2018

PAYE Crash Workaround

My thanks to loyal reader Paul Gibson (he has given me permission to publish his details) a 75 year old ex IT Director. He currently develops business applications in Visual Basic for several charities, for one of which he also runs the payroll.

He encountered a problem when dealing with HMRC online PAYE, and has provided a workaround for it.

Please note: this may not work for everyone, always take back ups before trying it.

PROBLEM: After running the latest update, Basic PAYE Tools crashes with the error: “Basic PAYE Tools could not access the database”


1. Using File Explorer, navigate to directory OS[C:]\Users\User_Name
2. With the View Tab, check “Hidden Items” – the Folder “AppData” should now be displayed
3. Navigate to \AppData\Roaming\HMRC\payetools-rti
4. Take a back-up copy of the complete contents of folder “payetools-rti” as a precaution
5. Click on the “payetools-rti” folder and rename Data Base File “sqlite3” to “sqlite3x” (or sqlite3xx if sqlite3x already exists)
6. Click the “backups” folder
7. Select the latest back up folder with the format:
RTI-9999_YYYY-MM-DD_EXIT and Copy & Paste it to your Desktop
8. Now run Basic PAYE Tools – this may take up to 10 minutes to load as it rebuilds “sqlite3”
9. Under Menu, click “Restore your data”
10. Browse to the directory This PC\Desktop and click the back up folder pasted to the Desktop at Step 6.
11.Click “Next” to restore your data – this will also take up to 10 minutes
12. You should now be able to run updated PAYE Tools with your latest data.
13. If you still have problems, restore the backup “payetools-rti” folder and contact HMRC support.

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  1. I'm trying to use HMRC Basic tools. I've downloaded it twice now, installed it twice, run the diagnosic thing, turned it off and on again, but it refuses to run. The little boc comes up for a while then vanished. On the HMRC website it says it may take a few minutes to load. It doesn't load at all. I'm running windows 7 professional and Britepay. Does anyone have any ideas? Thanks

    1. As a HMRC employee I find this hard to believe....everything in the HMRC is have no idea how crap our I.T is....but our I.T department CDIO keep churning out the same old for's all very last year and will all end in tears....ffs they can't even give us a decent internal internet...takes 30 seconds to load a page !!!