HMRC Is Shite

HMRC Is Shite
Dedicated to the taxpayers of Britain, and the employees of Her Majesty's Revenue and Customs (HMRC), who have to endure the monumental shambles that is HMRC.

Friday, 10 August 2018

HMRC Wants Its Cake Both Ways

Tax does have to be taxing.

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  1. HMRC telling porkie pies? Quelle surprise. Dishonest bunch of charlatans led by self-serving donkeys.

  2. I quite agree that the shambolic Hmrc have a lot to answer for.
    The senior management appear to be getting away with it all.

  3. HMRC will do whatever it can get away with to improve 'the balance sheet', this especially applies where bonus payments are directly linked to 'improvements'.
    The laws that apply to mere mortals do not apply to this bunch of hypocritical psychopaths as any person with a brain cell or two will have worked out some time ago.
    How and why HMRC have reached this position is beyond understanding and belief.
    Unfortunately many believe that things are getting worse.

  4. If HMRC staff witness, or are victim to, misconduct/corruption, then of course it is their duty to do the right thing and report it.

    I blew the whistle on issues around bullying, discrimination and the criminal law-breaking of one manager.

    HMRC saw fit to cover it all up. Even when confronted with compelling evidence, HMRC believed it was their perfect right to construct a dishonest, false narrative. Their blatant deception even extends to creating false documents to collaborate their narrative.

    HMRC's behaviour can be described as nothing less than threatening and brutal. They will go all out to crush truth tellers and persecute the whistle blowers.

    It is always the right to stand up to such corrupt thugs, however I cannot tell people it is safe to do so. The way the psychopaths persecuted me was absolute psychological torture and they clearly had sinister motives.

    I was left broken and suicidal. They don't care about that. It's a 'we will do as we like' culture at HMRC and they will not hesitate to unleash the full, cowardly, force of their inhumanity on those who attempt to stand up to them.

    There are clearly governance issues within HMRC, which nobody is getting to grips with. The way they bully staff is horrendous but what will shock taxpayers is how adept HMRC are at telling lies.

    How can taxpayers trust anything they do or say?

  5. The worst aspect is how the corrupt 'we'll do as we want attitude' is normalised in the modern HMRC. It's an attitude that wouldn't be out of place in a totalitarian regime but is not what the British public expect from our governmental organisations. How do they sleep at night.

  6. It may interest loyal readers to know that allegations concerning the integrity of HMRC CEO Jon Thompson are flying around on twitter:

    According to one tweet referring to a letter from Thompson: "His letter contains lies, half truths and interpretation".
    Naughty, naughty stuff.

    I can't comment on others cases. I will say though, as a former HMRC employee hounded out by bullies and criminals, that when Thompson wrote to my local MP, his letter was dishonest and misleading.

    There would appear to be some consistency in the approach from this callous, unprofessional, liar.

    HMRC is in permanent crisis.

    Drain the swamp!!!

  7. Well, by my reckoning that's 3 serving or former CEO's at HMRC to have been at best 'economical with the truth' in responding to M.P.'s, at worst, outright lying and acting in collusion with others both within and outside HMRC.
    There is a wholesale breakdown of management acumen, responsibiliy and accountability within this morally deficient organisation and it is costing billoions when you add management ineptitude and ability with procurement etc. to the mix.

  8. Time for HMRC to be subject to a FULL criminal investigation with regard to the culture of cover ups and collusion?

  9. Too many have suffered HMRC's violence. Now we learn, again, that dishonesty goes to the very top. Enough is enough. The taxpayers and staff are at continued risk from HMRC until the guilty have been prosecuted and the culture changed for the better.

    I was left suicidal by HMRC's violence and they were not one bit remorseful. They continued to taunt and made matters worse by telling outright lies in legal documents. A truly vile mob.