HMRC Is Shite

HMRC Is Shite
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Monday, 19 November 2018

2018 People Survey - Engagement Falls

A loyal reader has just posted this:
"2018 People Survey Main Results:

Engagement figures DOWN in 7 out of 9 Sections

64% filled in survey...DOWN 3% from last year ever after all the bullying to fill it in.
Overall engagement figure is down 1%....senior management will be gutted about that...that's their headline figure.

The main dissatisfaction is with pay 22%.....Leadership 38%....and the useless learning and development 54%.

Jon Thompson has already come out with the usual waffle....."disapointing results...but great to see brilliant HMRC values....the Intranet comments section is already filling up.

No senior management or brown nosed corporate communications to be seen on the comments section....they will give it a few days....and then start the spin."
 Does anyone have a link to the actual results please?

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  1. Here are HMRC 'Values' for you!. More 'joint statements'. Try telling the truth

    1. Ah, yes, the good old PCS and Phil Madelin.
      When I was subjected to bullying by Hmrc which resulted in me leaving the department and facing homelessness, PCS union did not help me , they helped Hmrc managers to get cover their tracks via a dodgy local rep.
      When my health had recovered enough to raise a complaint about the unions failures I was on the receiving end of aggressive behaviour from Phil Madelin desperate to make the truth disappear./ in others words I was re-bullied and re-traumatised
      To say Madelins nasty behaviour was a poor advert for the pcs would be an understatement
      be sensisble people and do not pay to be in the pcs union

  2. If excom admit to a 1% fall in engagement just imagine how big a fall it is in reality.

    1. Yep, we have to assume that HMRC have fiddled the figures , they have quite an appalling record when it comes to honesty & integrity.
      Long overdue that government ordered an investigation into HMRC misconduct as Internal Governance , from personal experience, has spectacularly failed to deal with people who have breached:
      - the Civil Service Code
      - internal Conduct & Discipline standard
      - the law of the land , criminal & civil

    2. According to guidance, Internal Governance will look into the following:
      • a criminal offence
      • corruption, coercive or collusive fraud
      • a failure to comply with a legal obligation
      • malpractice
      • dishonesty
      • unethical behaviour
      • a miscarriage of justice
      • staff misconduct
      • the endangering of an individual's health and safety
      • damage to the environment
      • deliberate concealment of information resulting in any of the above
      • any other breach of the Civil Service Code's values of honesty, integrity,
      objectivity and impartiality. "

      In my experience as a victim of HMRC's violent bullying , harassment and breaking the law (criminal & civil) these IG people must have been asleep on the job! Where on earth were they when management, HR and solicitors office between them were allowing wholly false evidence to be included in their Defense to a County Court writ and a false narrative constructed? Don't know how the guilty at HMRC sleep at night

    3. From experiences, 9 out of the above 12 applied over 2 or 3 years.
      Corrupt as feck at the top and filters down.

  3. I'm sure Jonny The Moustache is 'disappointed' with these figures as well.

  4. Why don't LOCAL Pcs reps submit a SARS request for HRACC1 forms sent to managers in their work areas. In it, request the name of the manager who received and investigated the incident and the date it reached service point and the service point ref no. Those without one identifies a bully especially if the form cutes the manager as the problem. But PCS haven't the balls.

  5. Independant Grievance Reviewer/Appeal...LOL!
    Was all within management silo when it did its worst, no idea now, but years later cannot believe it has got better somehow, but then I am biased ;)
    Clue, for all you non-activists, now might be a good time to write to M.P. or daily newspaper - there is a rumour!

  6. You need to all grow a pair...grown men being bullied by middle aged second earners. Tell them quietly to fu*k off or else works trust me.

    1. I can...and have...sadly these management scum go for the low hanging fruit who are afraid to challenge them.

  7. They've had you by your low hanging plums.

  8. And based on your incessant whining and moaning on this site I bet everyone was glad to see the back of you.

    1. Are you one of the corrupt HR lot? Just asking cos...

  9. ...and the spin has begun..Angela MacDonald HMRC Customer Services head honcho has now said that the People Survey is only part of the way the staff engage with management.
    Yep,the one they have been ramming down our throats ad nauseum to fill in or else.
    The results haven't gone as they have liked so it's "not that important" Pathetic.
    Suck on that Jon !!

    1. That’s rich , there is no meaningful way to engage. If we don’t like it, tough shit, get out. More bunkum from the trolls.

  10. Perhaps they are having to amend their objectives or targets as their bonuses are dependent on acheiving same!
    I believe that the looming disasters with IT, MTD, Univ. Credit, Brexit or whatever the feck ensues and a few other things besides will ensure that the spotlight descends upon this immoral bunch and that the People Survey 2018 is the one that breaks the ungulates back (thats a camel btw).
    Whatever, it looks like an entertaining 2019 for the HMRC... ;)

  11. John will still get his 20k bonus like he always does. His false sentiments about mental health and bullying in his post survey statement made me sick to my stomach. The man hasn’t got a sincere fibre in his body.

    1. And even that the dust has settled on these damning survey stats...what will senior management do about them ?...yep,it's already started...they will FORCE us, the staff ,to pick the 5 worst figures and get us,yes us, to come up with solutions of how to dig them out of the hole they are in !!!
      These management bastards created this clusterfuck...and yet they want us to bail them out !!
      Sweet Jesus they have no shame. !!!

    2. That will be the box ticked for Staff engagement on next years PMR then. He is the lowest of the low and some.

    3. Fat, useless, 'man' Jonathan can't be trusted to run a bath. However do filthy, thicko, liars get to run a tax department (badly)? Scum of the earth.

  12. Another award for HMRC......they are now officially the lowest paid department in the Civil Service...with their AA grade on minimum wage and the
    next grade AO to follow suit soon... incredible!!

  13. So, why the delay in publishing, are things worse than Excom expected?!
    There does come a point when no amount of window dressing can conceal the obvious. Trouble is, MP's a wee bit distracted currently, although the EU itself might have to become involved as inneficiency etc by HMRC means a reduced tax take and less Danegeld for the EU machinery to digest.
    As for awards for HMRC, bit like lipstic on a pig.

    1. Yep, last year the results were published mid November.
      Probably too busy trying to sell their ODP (operational development profession) of the most ridiculous non job white noise blah blah blah ideas the Civil Service have come up with....and Thompson has adopted it as his baby.
      HMRC is truly shite.

    2. Yep, the so-called "operational development profession" (whatever) is far more important to HMRC than silly little issues collecting tax, protecting revenue and closing the tax gap.

      No wonder bullies are running riot inside HMRC and the toxic bullying culture is now even attracting welcome attention from national newspapers and others.

  14. They'll dump the figures on a quiet afternoon at about 3pm to avoid 'disruption'. Let the peasants grumble for a bit, then put up some self affirming horseshit about Christmas and words of thanks. Some vague weasel phrases about 2019 being 'challenging' thrown in for good measure and smiley pen picture. With a few 'congratulations' on the new year award winners that get to go to a garden party and see the Lizards of London.

    Complete and utter shite.

    1. 100%....a fucking despicable place to work.....why has it gone so rotten in here ??

    2. It began with the casual corruption which started under the Homer - everything from fiddling stats through to incitement, and subsequent cover-ups, of the VIOLENT STAFF BULLYING CULTURE - and has continued under the latest overpaid, self serving, ineffective Chief Executive.

    3. Bullying? SCS is a ticket to do exactly what you want to who you want in HMRC. Just seen 2 close colleagues bullied out of the department on grounds of mental heath. I had hope JT was big enough to stamp this shit out among his immediate managers. HR are nothing but management apologists. The are the ones truly responsible by their inaction and cowardice.

    4. The work-environment at Hmrc is a sold reason for government introducing criminal legislation to stamp out bullying in workplaces across the UK.

      The violent and tortuous bullying which is enabled by senior management in HMRC seemingly will not stop until perpetrators are put in cuffs and before the courts.

      However, where Hmrc have potentially already committed offences under existing law in relation to all the bullying, e.g. harassment, data crimes, attempting to pervert the course of justice, contempt of court, misconduct in public office, then victims, the union & others need to do a lot more to push for fall investigations and prosecutions. Let them try explain their extremely dodgy conduct in relation to it all under robust cross-examination.

      If Hmrc can getting away with behaving like this what kind of message does it send to other rogue employers in the public or private sectors?

    5. It was well underway under Hartnett, and allegations of lawbreaking were ignored then.
      What amounts to a systemic failing has been ignored ever since.
      Some consider that the CP methodology or brainwashing encourages it and that HMRC are simply reflecting the public sector, albeit leading from the swamp!
      Ignoring, breaking the law and treating it with utter contempt or practices are now so deeply embedded in the mindset that there seems to be an almost evangelical belief that the law let alone common decency do not apply.
      Now do you wonder why there is a tax gap of such proportions - self assessment on PA's helps.

  15. I have been left on the brink of suicide due to HMRC's bullying and Jon Thompson's disgusting attitude to it.
    That uneducated little bigot should be thoroughly ashamed of himself.
    How dare he claim to be an advocate for mental health.
    More and more people are waking up to what's go on at HMRC.
    The civil service's own .gov blog carries harrowing stories of bullying, as does Civil Service world, they have even been shamed on the Time to Change site

  16. ...and it continues...brought into a HO "forum" today....asking us,2 grades below, how we make the engagement figures better.
    For fuck's sake is this not the job of management ?
    It's a clue in the !!
    Useless cunts.

  17. It is disturbing to read of HMRC staff bullying above and in other articles.

    Unfortunately it is all too common for prolonged exposure to bullying, harassment and oppressive working environments to cause stress, trauma, family breakdown, loss of employment, social isolation - it is life changing.

    Those HMRC staff who are currently suffering should speak with a lawyer and seek support from GP, family, friends. The Samaritans can also provide support by calling 116 123 in the UK.

    I will be using information from this site about the HMRC culture as part of my study into workplace bullying.

    Thank you and take care.