Friday 9 December 2011

Dave Hartnett's Gone

I understand that Dave "Jack" Hartnett has resigned...ermm I mean "retired".

From the BBC:

"The controversial head of the UK tax authority - Dave Hartnett - will retire in the summer of 2012, HM Revenue and Customs (HMRC) has announced. 

From January, the permanent secretary of tax, who turns 61 in February, will work with a new HMRC chief executive - Lin Homer.

Ms Homer is permanent secretary at the Department for Transport.

She takes over from Lesley Strathie, who stepped down last month on health grounds, the tax authority said.

Last month, Mr Hartnett admitted to a committee of MPs that mistakes had been made in a tax deal negotiated by HMRC with Goldman Sachs.

And in September last year, he apologised to 1.4 million people who were receiving letters revealing an underpayment of tax. This came hours after a refusal to apologise brought severe criticism. "

Anyone know what he is getting in terms of payoff, pension and non executive board appointments etc?

Tax does have to be taxing.

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  1. I wonder how much protection he will get after he has left.

  2. Christmas has come early!

  3. I bet he's really gutted at having to retire on his £1000,000 a year pension & £300,000 lump sum. No doubt a few well paid consultancys as well.

  4. the intranet advised he is retiring at the usual age of permanent secretaries that beingv 60, its sucha shame all his staff will have to work until they die or live to their late 60's

  5. Apropos:

  6. Further to me at 00.14, the evidence to PAC from the HMR&C lawyer is interesting:

  7. Do people not wonder why the government isn't using its constitutional powers to sack him?

    I believe the PAC hearings are just a smokescreen. If they were serious about getting justice for UK taxpayers, they would have appointed much more experienced and qualified members of parliament to oversee it.

    Much easier for HMRC to suspend the whistleblower and make an example of him.