Friday 9 December 2011

The Skinny on Lin Homer - All You Ever Wanted To Know, But Were Too Afraid To Ask

Those of you who want to know a little bit more about the new boss of HMRC, Lin Homer, may find these few snippets to be of interest.

In 2005 Birmingham was declared to be a "banana republic" by the Election Commission.

For why?

Wholesale electoral fraud in the council elections.

The Election Commission ruled that Labour had been responsible for “massive, systematic and organised postal ballot fraud.”

He then made a few choice remarks about the Chief Returning Officer, also the chief executive of the council.

She had "thrown the rule book out of the window”.

To whom did he refer?

Why none other than Lin Homer.

Labour helped her out by making her head of the UK Borders Agency.

This being the very same UKBA that threw the rule book out of the window and relaxed border controls.

Lin, clearly a career minded woman, moved on from there this summer (just before the shit hit the fan) and became Permanent Secretary at the Department of Transport.

Now she moves to HMRC!

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  1. Should feel at home with the rest of the shit heads then.

  2. What an under-whelming appointment. Think writing is on the wall for HMRC - more failure then privitisation of the service to Cameron/Osbornes' cronies. So sorry for what were once two great organisations. I like the bit on the HMRC site pointing out that Hartnett was past the "usual" retiring age, trying to make it look like he wanted to go - he did not and has been pushed. Still he won't want for work will he.

  3. Lin - the Chalice - it's poisoned! "They" must want to get rid of you too!

  4. Great, just what we needed - another serial incompetent.

  5. This might mean the end of the tunnel has been discovered.

    Homer seems to be such a ruthless career person that she would not have taken the job if she thought she would get poisoned by it.

    I also note that after Strachan's health retirement, Kenny's fantastic retirement deal and Dawes escape to the treasury that the entire executive were old white guys.

    Was Homer forced in to try to redress the gender balance?

  6. Apologies. Strathie NOT Strachan.

    My mind wandered back to happier days when HMC&E existed and had Board members who knew how to run the Department

  7. Re the last comment - Valerie Strachan was chair of Customs and Excise when the Civil Service was run by people who understood what was going on - as has been said it looks like we are being saddled with another ex local authority apparatchik

  8. @Old Codger

    One gets the feeling that the department was made so huge so that there wasn't any accountability. 6 years on and people in either ex customs or revenue have no idea how the other functions.

    That way, governments of all flavours can plausibly say they have no idea what is going on as well

  9. Presumably once LH has finished with HMRC it will have forgotten what it was there to do. Just like UKBA.