HMRC Is Shite

HMRC Is Shite
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Monday, 12 December 2011

Fare Thee Well Jack!

Despite "retiring" from HMRC, Dave "Jack" Hartnett can't quite shake off those annoying questions about his deal with Goldman Sachs (the giant vampire squid).

Jack claimed that the cost of the waived interest was less than £10M. However, Mr Osita Mba (the HMRC lawyer whistleblower) has told the parliamentary committee investigating the issue that it was "£20M in rough figures".
Mr Mba is of the view that "significant, inaccurate and misleading evidence" has been given to MPs.

Margaret Hodge, chairman of the PAC, wished Jack "well" she is quoted by the Telegraph:

"I wish him well in his retirement. 

I think his departure is right for the organisation. 

HMRC must now urgently address some of the systemic issues uncovered in our inquiry."

Says it all really doesn't it?

Will Homer be up to the job of sorting it out, given her handling of previous roles?

Views anyone?

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  1. hmmm, having read the whistleblower's comprehensive evidence espcially this further evidence - - i can see why the publication of the evidence on Thursday by the PAC prompted Jack's retirement on Friday even before the NAO and the PAC reported.

  2. Another HMRC leader with no tax experience is another waste of time. How can she possibly know if HMRC are making an even bigger arse of things if she has no understanding of tax and tax law? They are really scraping the barrel

  3. And another person with a dubious record CE of Birmingham City Council at the time of the Postal Votes Fraud Scandal plus a less than sparkling record at her previous 2 appointments. It beggars belief they cant get someone with a modicum of ability, maybe HMRC is such a poisoned chalice they have to dig really deep to the bottom of a barrel of rotton apples.


  5. @ 15:09 - to make matters worse, it appears that Jack's bespoke post will go, in which case Homer would be doing both Jack's and Strathie's jobs.

  6. 16:09 are they cutting the number of EXCOM then from 6 (i think)?
    Are there any members that have tax experience apart from Jack?

  7. Going to be answering my own question here. It would appear than Steve Banyard (not the most high profile of people) is going to be the onlt EXCOM member with tax experience on the board once Jack leaves. Thats got to be pretty shocking then that 1 out of 6 has actually has any semblance of the business. If you though HMRC could sink any lower come back this time next year, i fear its going to get a whole lot worse.

  8. I too have read the evidence of the whistleblower - it is dynamite. What I cannot understand is why no explosion?
    It is immensly damaging to both Hartnett and, in some ways worse, the NAO who were pointed in the right direction but chose not to look. Then there is Gus O'DonnelI who again looks as far as the end of his nose. I have to ask WTF is going on in this country when those in charge behave like the three wise monkeys?

  9. @12 December 2011 17:28

    It suits the current government to have people in its departments who can waive/wave away tax money on behalf of its corporate cronies.

    The PAC hearings are a smokescreen. The government has to be seen to be doing something. What's the betting that now Jack has 'retired' these turn in to a non-event where 'lessons for the future were learned' etc? But nothing changes?

  10. Who ever runs the ship is going to down with it unless they walk the plank. No wait, that'll be Cap'n Jack. My fear working at the coalface is that yet another outsider is coming in with, no doubt, even more new buzz words. It's a miracle we keep up with the ones we've got! All I can say is HMRC is is already FUBAR! Now it will be SOS (same old shit).

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