HMRC Is Shite

HMRC Is Shite
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Monday, 13 August 2012

PAYE Complaints Rise

It seems that the PAYE problems of 2008-10 continue to give HMRC a headache.

Accounting Web reports that complaints to the Adjudicator about HMRC payment claims have more than doubled in 2011-12.

Overall, the number of complaints about HMRC rose 32%, but HMRC's intransigence in blocking requests for underpayments to be written off under Extra Statutory Concession A19 contributed to a 114% increase in PAYE complaints in the latter half of the year.

We expected an increase in complaints following the introduction of the new PAYE computer system due to the high level of customer interest,” wrote Judy Clements, in the forward to her Adjudicator’s annual report

Cases awaiting investigationNew cases for investigationCases resolved
April 2012
April 2011

The Adjudicator also noted a significant rise in the percentage of complaints upheld against HMRC during the year. Out of 494 taxation-related complaints received, 197 were partially or substantially upheld - a success rate of just under 40% compared to 23% in 2010-12.

As I noted in July HMRC is now consulting on watering down the A19 concession.

Tax does have to be taxing.

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  1. I submitted a claim for Capital Tax Allowances in September 2011, I heard nothing, so submitted it again as an amendment on my tax return.
    Despite several attempts at contact, I heard nothing.......until 28 June 2012, a Tax Inspector PHONED me to apologise and to say that all my information had been lost and could I resend it all.......
    Despite co operating for 2 months, I am finally told that they have raised a tax inquiry into my claim.
    BTM, they owe me £21 K.......
    Any advice I have grounds for a complaint?