Thursday 23 August 2012

Contacting HMRC - Corporation Tax Number Changes

As per the HMRC website, HMRC is changing its contact numbers for Corporation Tax enquiries.

Here is the announcement in full (all clear?):

HM Revenue & Customs (HMRC) is changing the way Corporation Tax customers contact HMRC by phone - to bring them into line with other HMRC customers. From 17 September 2012, most calls about Corporation Tax will be routed to one of two contact centres - based in Cardiff and Glasgow - through a new number.

If you or your clients are dealt with by one of the Corporation Tax operational offices listed below, your calls will be handled by the dedicated contact centre teams.

If your enquiry cannot be dealt with at this first point of contact, it will be referred to and dealt with by a dedicated operations team, who will contact you where necessary.

Please note: the number you need to call will not change if your enquiry is being dealt with by a specialist team, for example for the Large Business Service.

The existing telephone numbers for each Corporation Tax Office will transfer as follows:
Corporation Tax Office Existing
telephone number
Date of transfer        
City of London (Euston Tower) 02076 674200 15 October 2012
Ipswich 01473 261564 19 November 2012
Lincolnshire (Lincoln) 01522 884336 1 October 2012
Merthyr Tydfil 01685 353848 17 September 2012
Norfolk (Norwich) 01603 776390 19 November 2012
North West London (Harrow) 02081 969105 29 October 2012
North West Midlands & Shropshire (Wolverhampton) 01902 371115 22 October 2012
Notts & Derby (Nottingham) 01522 884336 1 October 2012
Scotland East (Dundee) 01382 424225 8 October 2012
Scotland North (Aberdeen) 01382 424225 8 October 2012
South London (Croydon) 02086 334500 5 November 2012
South Wales (Cardiff) 02920 325003 17 September 2012
Staffordshire (Stoke) 01902 371115 22 October 2012
Sussex (Brighton) 01273 225340 12 November 2012

Once your Corporation Tax Office has transferred to the new number, you should call Tel 0845 366 7819. If you're calling from abroad please call Tel +44 151 268 0571. The helpline is open from 8.00 am to 6.00 pm, Monday to Friday.

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  2. The numbers have changed again this year. It's best trying to find the number directly.