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HMRC Is Shite
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Friday, 7 June 2013

HMRC's Customer Service Improves Measurably

HMRC has made measurable improvements in its customer services, since the implementation of a joint initiative with accountancy institutes and other stakeholders.

That's the message from HMRC, sorry for using the "C" word in the above!

Lin Homer (Chairman of the Joint Initiative Steering Group) is quoted in the Joint Initiative on HMRC Service Delivery update:
"I’m really pleased with the improvements we’re putting in train through working in partnership with representatives from professional bodies and charitable organisations on this joint initiative. We’ve collectively resolved some important practical issues and both agents and HMRC staff have benefited from hearing, first hand, about each other’s experiences during visits and workshops."
The scheme was set up following a 2011 recommendation made by the Treasury Select Committee.

AC Mole partner and chair of the ICAEW tax faculty' technical committee, Paul Aplin is quoted by AccountancyAge:
"The initiative is now accumulating a list of real "wins" on service delivery. Tens of thousands of employers avoided penalties last year and will do again this year as a direct result of the work on P35 processes and the extra investment in call centre resource is again a direct result of the discussions we have had through the Initiative.

Perhaps the most important thing though is what underlies the specific items on the list and that is very real engagement on service issues at the highest levels of HMRC."
Errm.....that "extra investment in call centre resource" was but a smoke and mirrors operation redirecting resources from elsewhere. I fail to understand why the ICAEW has fallen for that!

Anyhoo, the next steps as per HMRC are:
"The principle of working 'outside in' and not 'inside out' continues to underpin the project. Work is currently focusing on driving further improvements in post and call handling, and looking at how to define agreed service standards in these areas. Attention is also turning to getting things right first time and to the quality of HMRC’s responses to customers’ queries."
Sorry for being thick, but what does "working outside in" mean?

Tax does have to be taxing.

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  1. Go check out what is happen at our friends the IRS - surprised no one has mentioned the recent high up sacking by the President.

  2. Maybe it means working from the inside of a case as in "whole caseworking" which we did in the good old days, but which was superceded by lean which gave you limited time for each item of post/worklist so "top sheeting", ie "outside in" came in. This is only a suggestion. Current HMRC staff could know better.

  3. Not a clue... another piece of jargon to look forward to :-(

  4. Improved in the sense that I've been attempting to check the progress of my Tax Credit claim for a week now..... And just get a 'sorry we are unable to answer your call right now' message EVERY time I've tried (which has to be at least 25 attempts, all at various times of the day)...

  5. Charge them for all the phone calls to their rip-off 0845 number which makes them more profit the less competent they are in answering it quickly.

    Given the precedent of their tax offices, I expect that part of the profit ends up stashed in a tax haven.

    Cost 25 x say 25 p = £6.

    Plus charge them for your wasted time.

  6. Yeah, go on, charge them . Let us know how you get on.