HMRC Is Shite

HMRC Is Shite
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Friday, 25 October 2013

IR35 Feedback

IT contractors are being invited by HMRC to comment and provide feedback on the new system for IR35 that went live in 2012.

For why?

It seems, according to Contractor UK, that there have been teething problems with the rule's administrative reforms that were introduced.

A framework paper exists for guiding responses, and can be accessed/read in context from the IR35 Forum Minutes (the meeting was held on 1 August 2013. However, it is not clear as to when the forum minutes were actually published).

Good luck!

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  1. Ken,

    One for the weekend...
    A little bit of research should indicate a problem of immense proportions looming for HMRC management. The meat of the issue lies in the 2nd part of the media article.
    This chap was employed at the llanishen site, and the rest of this unfortunate tragesy is now history as they say.
    That it would take the loss of a life to expose things has long been stated, that it was such a dreadful series of events leading to the death of a Mother and many seriously injured people including children is doubly tragic.
    The comments and statements by colleagues of this individual are chilling and show how appalling HMRC management deficiencies are. Whilst in no way blaming them for this tragedy they cannot abbrogate their responsibilities and duty of care to individuals andthird parties (which does not stop at the factory gate).

    Read and digest, and forget about anything else, this is bad. They have known for years they were useless at adhering to legislation and the mandatory aspects, it will take a genuine inquiry and/or IPCC investigation to get to the truth behind this sad outcome.

  2. Re previous post.
    If this is true then there is something deeply disturbing reported here requires some open and vigorous investigation.
    This site has carried many stories of management ineptitude, indecision and breaking of a swathe of laws over the years which appears to have grown of late.
    It has been proven that they have broken many laws with utter contempt in the past, look no further than London City Bond, Osita Mbsa their solicitor, the law of distraint, ECHR etc. etc.let alone Hartnett and Homer being accused of lying and their Head of Legal being forced to swear an oath before appearing before the PAC.

    Llanishen has featured here before, usually for reports of H&S failings but it is believed that this is not an isolated case of management failings with regard to staff known to have psychiatric conditions. These failings include lack of risk assessments, lack of stress risk assessments, ignoring the reccommendations of their own medical advisors as well as just simple breaking the law.

    There is an overwhelming need for this "Pandora's Box" opening up at last, but what a disgrace that someone has been killed and so many injured. If it transpires that HMRC knew about this guy and his apparent state of mind then that certainly has some implications that can no longer be ignored. If the reports of his behaviour including turning up for work wrapped in chains like a form of straight jacket are factual someone somewhere needs to start joining the dots...

    As a result of this tragedy it looks as though there has already been a call for an inquiry into his mental health care from someone in Welsh politics which hopefully will unearth what his employers did or did not do.

  3. Llanishen?
    Would that contain the same bunch of management Muppets that a couple of years ago were forcing their staff to come in to work during the winter blizzards that the emergency services were imploring people not to venture out in? It must be, these are the same bunch that walked their staff past the post room during an "incident" when there were 2 or 3 nearer and/or alternative emergency exits that were available. Good job it was a false alarm in the post room that time eh?
    Never heard of anthrax obviously or learnt from the experiences of the US and real postal issues - prats!
    They are of course the clowns that tolerated fire doors that wouldnt stop a rodent getting through let alone smoke and flames, but they had no choice and had to make Mapely undertake the work or the Fire brigade would have closed the place down.
    Accountability? about the same level as their ability - NIL!
    Agree with the need for this to be finally out in the open, what a fecking mess!

  4. No wonder the customer experience is so bad if this is the way they have been treating their staff.
    WTF have the unions been doing, asleep on watch by the look of things. PCS say their priority is to keep jobs, HELLO!, ave you looked at how many of your members have lost their jobs since the monster was created?
    PCS has really lost the plot wrt looking after its members over the last decade or so.
    Never mind, G4S waiting in the wings, wont be any PCS members under private sector management eh?
    Investors In People (IIP) Idiots In Power more like!