Wednesday 26 November 2014

The Demise of Purdah

As loyal readers may recall, I have on occasions bemoaned the fact that Budget Purdah is now a thing of the past.

It seems that one of the reasons (aside from flabby mouthed politicians) for the demise of Purdah, is the fact that an HMRC press officer was supplying The Sun with inside information in exchange for bungs. As per the Guardian:
"A reporter on the Sun newspaper allegedly paid £17,000 to an HM Revenue and Customs (HMRC) press officer for confidential information including leaked details of the 2010 budget, an Old Bailey jury heard.

Clodagh Hartley, 40, Whitehall editor of the Sun at the time, was “motivated by acquiring the next big scoop”, while her source, Jonathan Hall, a senior information officer at HMRC, was “motivated by greed”, the court was told.

Stories included details of the 2010 budget, published on budget day, “so readers of the Sun were reading details of the budget before the chancellor had got to his feet in the House of Commons”, said Zoe Johnson QC, prosecuting. Most of the payments were paid into the account of Hall’s live-in girlfriend, Marta Bukarewicz, “to cover his tracks”, it was alleged. Bukarewicz then transferred the money to Hall’s account “deceptively labelled as rent” and kept some money herself as “commission” for “her unlawful efforts”, it was alleged.""
Hall has accepted that he supplied stories to Hartley for which he was paid.

Let us trust that this is a one off, and that Hall is the only bad apple in HMRC!

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  1. ROFL!
    Only one rotten apple?
    Hint - If HMRC were an orchard it would have been hacked down and burnt due to the infestations therein!
    Apples full of worms, blight, badly bruised and any mouthful leaves a nasty taste. Unable to be used for public consumption (no change) and so badly decomposed cannot be used for animal feed or even compost.

  2. SEE the mighty, powerful, unaccountable HMRC run by corrupt f@ckers that aren't worth a w@nk. More crooks in this shit hole than in our jails!!!! And NO ONES holding their goings on to account!!!! WE (joe public) really are f@cking stupid

  3. Hall was dumb enough to get caught! A lot of his comrades are wiser than that. they're still on the take but more discreetly. how many do you know that have been given the opportunity to leave rather than 'it go public' If your 'face fits' and you know the' right people' you can get away with anything. Tell me I'm wrong!

  4. Yeah, be a bit like having a car on permanent loan from a car hire firm.
    Raises a few questions like why, or tax implications, abuse of position. Of course it would never be in the public interest to bring anything out in the open for the public (customers) to discover.
    Ohh, rattle that tin again, I love the noise them bones make when shaken!
    There's a noise and a stench emanating from within that is not going away unless sorted.

  5. seen the new league list of shops based on value for money
    M & S
    HMRC even better than BOGOF!!!!