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HMRC Is Shite
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Tuesday, 4 November 2014

The Risk of Promotions

My thanks to a loyal reader who has advised me that HMRC staff at AA grade, hoping to avoid redundancy, are being encouraged to take a promotion to AO.

How do they get this promotion?

Just get approval from their line manager.

Easy peasey!

However, there is one minor catch, they do have to sign to the revised terms and conditions of employment that came into force in May 2013. I understand that the key aspect of these new conditions, that worries staff, is the "Full Mobility" aspect. This means that HMRC can require AOs to be mobile within the department, and also across other government departments within the bounds of reasonableness.

Fair enough, if there is a clear definition of "reasonableness".

Those who sign up and, at some stage in the future, are required to move to a place/role/department that they decline will leave without redundancy.

In other news, I understand that staff are now allowed to use Twitter and Facebook (in the their own time only).

Tax does have to be taxing.

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  1. Crown transfer terms, all for one and one for all, in the same boat of course.

    Where did all these "vacancies" at AO level materialise from? Must be an expansion of the 'mobile' task force scenario where you live out of a suitcase for 2 weeks at a time 'blitzing' various areas deemed by 'intelligence' to be non - compliant. Costs a fortune and the effect is a bit like a loud fart on a windy day!

  2. They wanted rid of the AA grade and to do it they offered everyone AO, I turned it down as I would also have lost part of my leave due to the new rules.

    There are no jobs for AA's so was easier just to offer everyone an AO post.

    All AA's were mobile to the extent that they could travel to another office if required as long as it was within reasonable daily travel the difference was the could not be forced to move permanently to an office outside RDT.

    This is why it was difficult for the Enquiry Centres to move the staff as they couldn't be forced to move.

  3. they also give up a day and a half holiday and worse terms on sick. oh and they can be made to work saturday and sunday if "business need" deem it necessary. its not jsut AAs though, its anyone getting promotion and any new starters that have to go onto the new contract.

  4. Cant wait for the survey results, even watered down and spun up they are going to look bad.

    Verily, a crock of shite is still that!

    As for a nice place to work, I was proud to have been a Customs Officer (Commissioned of course), but embarrassed and ashamed to have been associated with this 'organisation'.
    AA's do not deserve to be treated this way and HMRC management are nothing but a bunch of cnuts for doing so.
    Tax gap, what tax gap?
    Start doing the job you are paid to do and leave Ken Dodds "diddy people" to get on with the basics,
    on-line processing sticks where the human interface used to be, IT has never been a panacea, merely an additional cost.

  5. What AAs are they going to promote? Most AAs who had advanced skills left years ago. Did the Muppets at management think those people were going to sit there waiting for years while they fucked the department up? I knew several AAs who left with months of each other in 2007 and were never replaced.