HMRC Is Shite

HMRC Is Shite
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Tuesday, 2 December 2014

HMRC Review of Its Powers of Entry

HMRC was ordered by the Chancellor to review its powers of entry, and published a report on 27 November.

HMRC has 39 powers, nine of which belonged to other departments or were powers to inspect rather than enter.

Five of the remaining 30 powers will be "modernised/consolidated".

It is interesting to note that HMRC performed the review itself, and itself determined "that 25 of the 30 powers need no amendment because they are necessary and proportionate in their current form".

Surely the review should have been performed by an independent party?

Anyhoo, leaving aside the thorny question of independence, as per HMRC:
"Under the Protection of Freedoms Act 2012, each secretary of state must review the powers of entry they are responsible for, and report back to Parliament.

This review, ordered by Chancellor of the Exchequer George Osborne MP, examines the powers of entry held by HM Revenue and Customs (HMRC).

It was laid before Parliament on 27 November 2014.

In summary, HMRC reviewed 39 powers.

Nine were found to belong to other departments or be powers to inspect rather than enter.

HMRC will retain 25 of the 30 powers in their current form. All of these powers were previously reviewed after the merger of HM Customs & Excise and the Inland Revenue in 2005, and this further review has reaffirmed that they are still proportionate and necessary.

There are five powers where there is a clear case for modernisation and consolidation, including a number relating to betting and debt management. These have been recommended for amendment and this will take place by the end of 2014."
Something worth keeping an eye on methinks!

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  1. No reason why HMRC should not review and report on their powers of entry, they are the one doing the job, in theory at least, although by the look of a variety of programmes, every man and his dog is doing it on their behalf these days.

    However, there must be an independent oversight and justification provided, because, as we all know, you simply can't trust the b@st@rds!

    HMIC inspections and reviews are infective, 'customer' views ignored whilst even the politicians have no clout.

    Keep the powers needed to do the job by all means, but don't let them have carte blanch. We will end up with another Scarman report otherwise due to abuse of powers.

  2. Letting the desultory dilettantes demonstrate justification to retain such powers could be described as dangerous!

  3. You should have seen the powers of entry Contribution Agency (then part of DHSS had back in the 80's. Rights of entry are very regimented now to back then.


  5. So let me get this right, the HMRC that consistently fails to perform, breaks laws, lies, and steals ARE going to be allowed to review THEMSELVES?
    Then HMRC is going to be TRUSTED to IMPLEMENT change? Then ACTUALLY do as they say they will? DREAM ON ALL CONCERNED!!!!! WILL NOT HAPPEN.

  6. YouTube
    Richard Stilgo - 'Statutory Right of Entry' from BBC Nationwide!

  7. Yesss my preciousess, won't be long now.
    We wants to see the reward don't we?
    Dame Lin of Delusional, or maybe Dame Lin of D'oh!?
    A worthy reward for decades of uh, um, err, well maybe, no, but anyway, well deserved and received on the back of all those 'customers' positive reviews and accolades, culminating in the grand Westminster service of thanksgiving and backslapping.
    Verily it doth stinkerfor Iit is a crock of site!

  8. Yeah HMRC have just got an award from the diatribe and bullshit police for beyond comprehension Forms!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. They really would struggle to finish last in a one horse race.

    Would like to see how much the estimate of bi££ions lost as a result of this lots inefficiencies. It must be an incredible amount if you add together wasted IT projects, staff stress absence and resignations, poor enforcement activity, lack of controls, inability to do anything other than right off debt and a few other things besides.
    Run effectively and without the poisonous effect of Lean influence HMRC might just become a decent place to work that provides an effective engaged with its "customers" civil service department.
    Work in progress?

  10. TOO LATE its in the culture of HMRC now, shit managers leading people that know better but cant fight the flow of crap they are served each day. it's always the grunts that take the 'hit' while managers slink away and hide until the dust settles.
    Flawed systems, procedures , and leadership = chaos. IT WILL GO PUBLIC SOON and when it does it'll be blamed on the 'workers'
    such is life