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HMRC Is Shite
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Wednesday, 24 December 2014

Flexi Offices

My thanks to a loyal reader who has advised me that HMRC are recruiting for flexi offices.

As to whether these roles are what staff really want to take up, is open to debate.

Merry Christmas!

Message from Ruth Owen – PT recruitment exercise opens today
15 December 2014

I’m writing to tell you about the recruitment exercises we’re launching from today for people to join Personal Tax, and to explain more about the roles we’re looking to fill – and why.

As you all know, over the past year we’ve spent a lot of time thinking and talking about the future of HMRC and how we need to transform, as part of Building our Future.

Although we have been reducing in size, and will continue to get smaller overall, we’ve said all along that this isn’t just about reductions – our transformation also means new roles, new types of work, and opportunities in key areas.

Already this year, HMRC has found roles for 1,400 of people on Fixed Term Appointment (FTA) contracts who would otherwise have left us, and we’ve promoted 420 people from AA to more challenging roles at AO grade.

We’re recruiting because we need to be ready to meet a range of customer demands. We have a range of new work coming into Personal Tax in the new year, including the Government’s policies on pension reform, on transferable personal allowances for married couples, and the introduction of the Scottish rate of Income Tax.

The new posts – both permanent and FTA – will be customer advisers at AO grade, dealing with a range of customer needs.  Shift patterns will be flexible, to make sure we’re available when our customers need us – including in the evenings and on Saturdays.

We expect to fill mostly permanent posts in Bathgate, Bootle, Bradford, Cardiff, East Kilbride, and Salford, and Fixed Term Appointments in Peterlee, Glasgow and Lillyhall.

We have looked carefully at whether the new work could be placed in sites where we have people in the redeployment pool, or where work is ending. However, this would go against our long-term intention to concentrate work on a smaller number of larger sites. For this reason, we’ve taken the difficult decision to put work into major sites that are likely to have a long-term future.

As always, people already working in HMRC will be considered first for these opportunities. If you are a priority mover, an AO in the Redeployment Pool, or an AA in the AA-AO promotion pool with a 1st, 2nd or 3rd choice preference for these locations, you will be considered ahead of any external appointments.

The remaining vacancies will be filled externally – so if you know someone who might be a good fit for us, please encourage them to apply.

Applications are open until January 12, and the vacancies can be found on Civil Service Jobs. You can search for the jobs using the details below:

CSR/2258/14 External FTA

CSR/2259/14 External Perm  - Linked with 2260/14

CSR/2260/14 External FTA  -   Linked with 2259/14

CSR/2261/14 Internal Perm

If you’re interested, make sure you only apply for the Stage Two/Three advert – this is the internal procedure. If you apply for Stage Four (which is for people outside the Civil Service) you won’t double your chances, and may cause confusion.

Interviews will take place in February, and the successful candidates should start to take up duty with us from April.

Ruth Owen,
Director General Personal Tax
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  1. The More challenging work of AO hahahaha. If I was still there I would have stayed an AA thanks Ruthie. I am sure the "customers" will be so happy you will be there when you need them pity they can't get through to you though.

    Ruth will enjoy her Christmas with Rod watching Man City, drinking fine wine and doing her hair.

  2. This is after they have let of experienced people go with (V)oluntary E(arly) S(everance) because there offices where in the wrong locations and it would cost to much to relocate them. Most (if not all) of these people were the experienced members of staff.

    Any new recruits will be recruited on the New Terms & Conditions, which are damned sight worse than what existing staff enjoy.

    I hope Ruth has a great Xmas because the people in the Bootle & Cardiff Regional Post Rooms wont, as they are some of the ones offered VES.

  3. For Flexi Offices read Desperate actions to paper the ever widening cracks. Never mind old Ruthie will be off to another cushy job when the inevitable shit hits the fan.

  4. Is it christmas or april fools?? Get rid of staff then take new ones on. Surely redundancy is where job no longer exists. They keep saying work can go anywhere so those jobs do still exist. I would argue the redundancy is illegal practice!!
    Take on new staff, new contracts, on the cheap, staying on the bottom of payscale for at least 5 years, less leave, multiple worse t & c.
    They should be ashamed but they have no shame!!

  5. They make people redundant in certain areas then remploy people in a strategic location.

    In doing this as you say they can put them on contracts with 6 day working weeks, cheaper pensions and reduced leave and sick.

    HMRC inherited staff who were on rock solid contracts which were difficult to amend and were costing them, so it is easier this way for them to pay redundancy and make the money back in reduced t&c's

  6. Has Ken been assassinated by the HMRC secret services on post in two weeks?

  7. fucking bunch of pricks! they should be ashamed, and they would if they gave a shit about the grunts!!!