HMRC Is Shite

HMRC Is Shite
Dedicated to the taxpayers of Britain, and the employees of Her Majesty's Revenue and Customs (HMRC), who have to endure the monumental shambles that is HMRC.

Thursday, 18 February 2016

HMRC Staff Mull Strike Action

HMRC staff are reportedly considering industrial action over news that HMRC has issued nearly 150 redundancy notices since the November announcement about plans to shut down 137 of its 170 offices (affecting 60,000 staff) across the country by 2020-2021, as part of plans to digitise tax administration.

CCH Daily reports that PCS has stated that HMRC is refusing to redeploy those at risk to any office listed for closure in the coming years under the plans.

An HMRC spokesperson said:
"HMRC does everything possible to avoid compulsory redundancies but the reality is we no longer need the mass processing roles of the past as we move to more skilled and specialist roles.

We have been through a lengthy and rigorous process to deploy colleagues to other areas of work within HMRC and this work has been on-going since 2014. We have consulted with Departmental trade unions to make sure that we've considered all possible redeployment opportunities."
PCS are quoted:
"We are considering all our options, including industrial action, and will provide regular updates to members.

We called on HMRC chief executive Lin Homer to intervene to avoid what would the first compulsory redundancies in her department, but she has refused.

It is entirely unnecessary and inflammatory to tell these 150 staff there is no future for them in the civil service when staff are being recruited to do similar work.

This is not how reasonable employers behave and we will be considering all options, including industrial action."
Good luck to Homer's successor sorting this out!

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  1. ....and what will happen?....we will lose a day's pay...EXCOM will thumb their noses at us,call us stupid bastards and any detriment to their post figures will be fiddled to suit them.

    1. Don't consider it as losing a days pay....
      More like gaining an unpaid day off!.... Priceless!!!

  2. If you are a PCS member, I wouldn't bother getting involved. If you go out, the management will zero in on you for some ugly attention. And if you cry for help and try to contact PCS, no one will here you. HMRC can do whatever they want, they're ain't jackshit you or PCS or anyone else can do about it. Keep your head down and slide of the radar. Don't be a hero.

    1. No wonder outsiders and folks with chips on shoulders refer to us as "sheeple" when I read the likes of this. Can't spell "hear" or "off" so I guess there's little surprise that you seek to avoid attention.

    2. Sadly 17:32 is spot on...even a week's strike wouldn't make a button of difference...we are like turkeys before thing is to try and squeeze as much out of this monster as possible before the chop comes....unless 19:05 you have some master plan to save the day....????

  3. I totally agree with 17:32. I am one of the 148 who received a CR notification on 16th February, which was by email, not delivered by my manager and subsequently amended by another email two hours later.
    The CR process started in August 2015, with full PCS involvement. The union finally contacted the members involved on the 18th February to give advice on the appeal process.
    They demonstrate a similar disinterest in the plight of the Guinea pigs going through the preparation for the 121 discussions about to be carried out for those involved in the first tranche of office closures in 2016/17.
    So don't waste the loss of your hard earned salary on what is a done deal.

  4. This is 17:32. Please excuse my grammar on my earlier post. I was half-asleep and had a few drinks trying to melt that place out of my mind.

  5. Sheeple must be running around like headless chickens..."what shall we do, what shall we do...?"
    Its all too late now, not only is the writing on the wall in capital letters the bells are starting to toll the death knell!
    Your management, your unions, your colleagues, your politicians and even your customers have all let you down.
    Strike now? Waste of time, too late and the public don't give a flying fish for your jobs.
    One of the good things to come out of this continuing debacle will be your ability to see the carpark stasi and Lean evangelistas, yeah even managers, getting stuffed when you get sent your P45's.
    You were warned!

    1. Thanks for your fake sympathy sheeple wanker !! When we are all gone so the fuck will you, u muppet !!

    2. Look up pathos sometime, you might improve your misunderstanding of human nature. Failing that, research the sheeple refs hereon to at least partly open your eyes.
      If you had absorbed what was writ, there is an outside chance you might have seen the wood for the trees.
      There is no fake sympathy involved, merely opinion and facts, as once experienced but thankfully no longer.
      My true feelings towards 'the management' would cause Jethro to blush were I to quote them.
      Looking up the definition of sheeple might help you, I used to refer to the sheeple as bunny rabbits caught in the headlights, but felt sheeple, as defined, to be more apt.
      But thankyou for thanking me ;)

    3. I do think you mean well but your utterances do not help.
      How long are you out of this cesspit? The current long serving staff (as opposed to the new robots EXCOM have enlisted) are trying their best in truly awful conditions.The fact is they are onto a hiding to nothing.I salute them as they try to bail out a sinking Titanic.
      Your "sheeple" misnomer does them a disservice.Give them some encouragement and if not proffer a nugget of salvation.

    4. I have been out for 3 yrs, 'they' know who I am as Hartnet and Homer have both had to respomd to my MP over the years. Ironically. the Senior Manager trying to deal with a multi-faceted set of grievances lodged by a bullying manager, with a track record recorded over decades, against myself and others eventually resigned in absolute disgust at the way I had been treated before I left - that should ring bells itself. However, the cover-ups continued and had some people stepped up to the plate then perhaps this management cover-up might not have lasted so long and affected so many people. Management had the same paperwork as myself, my MP, the PAC and the NAO.
      Sometimes you just have to put principles before £'s, step up to the plate and fight your corner.

    5. Apologies for the earlier outburst....we are all trying our best in here but senior management have completely lost the plot and are crucifying us from the top down with their nonsensical ideas.
      I have never known morale to be as low but i'm sure this TV documentary will put a positive spin on everything as per usual.
      Just remember we aren't all sheeple.

    6. Anonymous at 10.56.
      From the little you say your story sounds like my own and a few others I have heard. Are you able to name that manager who resigned? I will understand if you cannot.

    7. Unfortunately I can neither confirm nor deny the identity of the manager who resigned, neither would my other half who dealt with the individual, who not only had the humanity and decency to ring other half before anyone in HMRC to inform other half that the malicious grievance against me by the bullying manager was foundless and thrown out but also rang my other half to explain why the decision had been made to resign. We have nothing but the utmost respect for the individual concerned and absolute and utter contempt for the rest of the management.
      From my words you may surmise that I was in an LE environment having been absorbed from HMC&E by the Great Satan! That is for me to know and others to wonder! ;) Time for a waxer...
      If the opportunity should arise at some stage to swear an oath and state in front of a court what happened I would not hesitate, with many others to take that oath and spill the beans. When staff are paid money in recompense for management bullying (not me) you know something is deeply wrong.
      Thankfully the bullying manager that was at the heart of around a 100 complaints and grievances 'left' rather earlier than was going to be the case, so staff no longer appear in front of ex. colleagues and myself in tears, ill or so badly affected as to be paid financial recompense.
      Hopefully this should have been somewhat enlightening, the scale was unbelievable, the cover-ups even more so.

  6. They can offer me voluntary exit tomorrow - and I'll be gone. So will the vast majority of people I work with.

    I am sick of getting grief from all sides - everyone wants to put the boot in whether it's the management or the public. You will all get the service you deserve.

    Which is none

  7. And now they have advised they will prevent reps from attending '1-2-1' meetings in respect of office closures. Oh, and google is involved.

  8. Ive been out on every strike called. But there are so many new people in the dept now and majority not in union or wont strike. I think its now too late.
    I also wonder how many of those losing their jobs ignored strikes and now complain the union are 'doing nothing'.