HMRC Is Shite

HMRC Is Shite
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Thursday, 4 February 2016

Odds On Lin Homer's Replacement

AccountancyAge and William Hill have produced a list of the latest odds on the potential candidates to replace Homer.

On that subject, has anyone seen the job advertised yet?

Edward Troup - 2/1

Our front-runner currently serves as HMRC's tax assurance commissioner and second permanent secretary so on paper looks like he has the credentials.
His job involves reporting directly to Lin Homer and is responsible for shaping tax policy and strategy. Before HMRC, Troup was a partner at international law firm Simmons and Simmons, so will have the legal know-how at his disposal if he's ever called into a PAC hearing if he gets the top job.

Jim Harra - 5/2

Harra has worked his way up the ranks at HMRC, beginning his career in the Inland Revenue as an inspector of taxes in 1984. In 2009, Harra was appointed director of corporation tax and VAT and has previously suggested that it's unrealistic to expect multinational firms to pay as much as other businesses, something which sparked outrage in the wake of Google's £130m "sweetheart payment" to the taxman.

He has a wide knowledge of tax issues, including tax avoidance and knows a lot about the inner workings of HMRC. Was inspector of taxes at the Inland Revenue (now known as HMRC since 2005) in 1984.

Andy Cole - 3/1

Director of specialist investigations at HMRC. He has overall responsibility for leading the response to HMRC's largest and most complex fraud and avoidance risks through civil means.

Margaret Hodge - 7/1

Former chair of the Public Accounts Committee and one of the chief critics of HMRC's failure to tackle tax avoidance.

Stephen Herring - 7/1

Head of taxation at the Institute of Directors' policy unit. Herring has specialised in taxation for over 30 years and, before joining the IoD in September 2013, was a partner in three global accounting firms (Grant Thornton, EY and BDO). He was appointed by the Exchequer secretary as one of the eight independent members of HM Treasury's Tax Professionals Forum.

Ian Powell - 12/1

Chairman and senior partner at Big Four accounting firm PwC, he is stepping down as PwC chairman later this year.

John Whiting - 12/1

Tax director of the Office of Tax simplification. Until 2013 he was the tax policy director of the CIoT; previously, he was a tax partner at PwC.

Steve Lewis - 500/1

Coffee shop owner from Crickhowell and star of The Town That Took on the Taxman, has his own campaign to become CEO of HMRC. When he spoke to Accountancy Age, he gave himself 1000/1 odds.

Tax does have to be taxing.

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    Kermit The Frog - Evens
    Been running the Muppet Show for decades, should have an easy transition from stage production to staged production.

    Ken Dodd - 2/1
    Very good at getting attention, worldy view of tax management (well he trounced Hartnett) could be a good buffer to sweetheart deals.

    Lord Sugar 6/1
    Just what is needed to sort out and clear the Excom deadwood coppice. Don't perform, screw up, 'your fired!'

    Donald Trump - 15/1 Extremely successful businessman, politically as astute as Homer is competent.

    Sarah Palin - 20/1
    No idea whatsoever about tax, save that there ain't no tax on moonshine. Can hit a crows eye at 100yds with open sights, ideal for culling Sugars nominees!

    Cocoa The Clown - 50/1
    To follow the long list of clowns that have occupied the role (yes I know he is dead, and?)

    The Man on the Clapham Omnibus- 500/1
    Given the complete lack of common sense and understanding of the basics of public service by previous occupants, to have someone at the helm with a grain of either would be novel.

    The twit still hanging onto a dream that Lean works 1000/1
    Anyone believing that is sufficiently deluded as to believe they can run the Muppet Show effectively.

  2. They need someone who knows nothing about tax and really made a pigs ear of things at their last job.

    1. If only she hadn't just been appointed as head of the National Crime Agency ....

  3. 50 quid on the big Ozzie sheila. Jennie Grainger. It has to be a woman. It's obligatory.

    1. Thought word on the street was she is likely to return to 'stralia as top tax honcho?

    2. God help Australia-after getting rid of the "well dressed" Jenny Grange to the UK, they may be getting her back. They'll soon be saddled with Pacesetters and hundreds of fucking whiteboards

  4. The twat who keeps on about how how fuckin brilliant pacesetter is ( and caseflow)

  5. No Ruth Owen odds?

  6. Lord Lucan 1/100

  7. Ken Frost 100/1

  8. ok Edward Troupe who described taxation as "legalised robbery " in an interview with the FT in 1999, Jim Harra never involved in Vat and claimed on TV that big companies are closely policed which was said with a straight face when he knows that client relationship managers are just PR jobs and HMRC policy is the Varney "light touch " ie bugger all is done , 2 ex partners at PWC whos job it is to help people avoid tax and Margaret Hodge who is routinely ignored at hearings by companies who " pay the correct amount of tax according to the law " -what could go wrong ?

  9. Not likely to be Cole - he retired a few months back and probably considers himself to be well out of it.

    1. I remember Andy Cole from Oswestry many years ago ..if it's the same one? Seemed a top bloke to me, who would have done a good job if allowed.

  10. It has to be a woman. They are more ruthless. As it's going to get even more nasty.