HMRC Is Shite

HMRC Is Shite
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Friday, 12 February 2016

Homer's Not a Tax Expert

Lin Homer, as per The Mail:

"I am not a tax expert"

'Nuff said!

Tax does have to be taxing.

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  1. A*+ for honesty or maybe just stating the obvious, conduct like this at the helm of a 'world class organisation' should be rewarded with a gong! Oh yes, how soon we forget!
    Lest my memory has let me down, I believe this may be the 2ns time the annointed one has made this claim? Ken might be able to shine some light midst the darkness?

  2. No it was Anthony Inlese ( bonus £12k ) over Vodafone who claimed he was not a tax expert , despite being head of the solicitors division of HMRC ,but he had people under him who were ...HMRC is busy trumpeting what a great performance Lin put on, praising the work of her tax inspectors whilst admitting it was all apparently beyond her because she was not an expert, she just worked there.Her supporters defend her on the basis that its the governments fault that tax law is so complicated despite the fact the organisation hasnt the balls to challenge Google in the courts over fixed establishment and corporation tax , and all this in the same week GAP is revealed not only to have not paid tax but in fact received over £4 million in rebates !

  3. To be fair to Lin Homer, I was in Inland Revenue and latterly HMRC for 40 years, starting as a Tax Officer and retiring as a Grade 7, and I could not claim to be a "Tax Expert".
    I knew the parts I was trained for but the legislation is so wide it would be extremely difficult for anyone to be an "expert".
    Lin Homer also said in the recent PAC hearing that she was appointed to deliver Government policy. So she doesn't need to be a tax expert for that. Whether we like what has happened to Inland Revenue, Customs & Excise or HMRC, it's not her fault that HMG has instigated the brutal cuts that have brought us to where we now are.

    1. True.....the buck stops at Downing Street

    2. To be fair to Lin Homer?
      I was in HM Customs & Excise and, unfortunately, latterly in something referred to as HMRC for 40 yrs. I am not a member of the Lin Homer appreciation society, nor the Excom one either.
      The total lack of ability that Homer has evidenced across her car crash of a career in Public Office is plain to see, and well reported, be it media or Hansard.
      To digress further, the Wiki definition of expert commences thus;
      An expert, more generally, is a person with extensive knowledge or ability based on research, experience, or occupation and in a particular area of study.
      Surely, it is not beyond comprehension that a CEO of any organisation could to selected to head e.g. HMRC without at least a modicum of some parts of those areas such as management, leadership, foresight, ability evidenced by a CV of success not repeated disaster?

      So please, no more attempts to justify the unjustifiable, people will believe that she did deserve her bonus otherwise, let alone the Damehood!

      And where are the sheeple for goodness sake, are they afraid to post on here?

    3. "Just obeying orders Guv'"
      That excuse is wearing a bit thin these days.
      Mind you, for an organisation that defines bullying as robust management, what would you expect?

  4. Could not agree more -someone employed by HMRC for 40 years in tax but still not an expert , no sireee i just worked there ! i AM a tax expert because over 30 years i got off my backside and put in the work and it was nothing to do with the departments abysmal training Can you imagine a partner in a top four accounting firm declaring it was way too complicated tax wise to ever consider yourself an expert ! The ethos within HMRC is never take a decision you could be criticised for , never take accountability for anything , tax is a specialist area better left to the grunts at the front line and im a manager i dont need to know anything about tax .Now we have the Lin fan club defending her line that she just does what the government tell her-you should see the heavily censored internal web page at HMRC full of arselickers in every area other than tax praising her , the fact is theres more tax avoidance by the staff than taxpayers

  5. Who needs tax experts? Get shot of them. Replace them with newly recruited kids and give them a set of standard working instructions. What else do we need? Non technical managers with spreadsheets to tick. Change managers because all change is good. Pacesetter taliban and about 1000 corporate communicators to publish good news propaganda and relentlessly stamp out any negative thought.

    1. Agreed 100%'s the zombie HMRC...and we are powerless to change it !!!

  6. Perhaps somebody could add up all the 'managers' in the operating model and see how many people are left at the workface actually dealing with tax as opposed to attending meetings for the sake of it, worrying about who rights non authorised memos on whiteboards, drives around the carpark the wrong way, is a Pacesetter evangelist (the Taliban have a plan!) or just pushes paper, ticks those boxes and sings the company song in the carpark before work.

    Management is defined by Wiki as ' businesses and organizations is the function that coordinates the efforts of people to accomplish goals and objectives by using available resources efficiently and effectively.'

    It has never ceased to amaze me that management bought into the Toyota Lean system, think, even in a mass production environment it is still producing cars with faults that cause them to have airbags inflate when they shouldn't, lose all power, crash etc. - makes you wonder what part of Lean don't work they don't understand?

    1. Hey, who is left to do the work if everybody else is part of the happy clap management BS?