HMRC Is Shite

HMRC Is Shite
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Wednesday, 8 February 2017

HMRC Tax Credit Adviser Bilks HMRC For £65K

It seems that not everyone had trouble obtaining tax credits from HMRC.

Step forward Nicola Farningham, an HMRC tax credits advisor in HMRC's Dundee call centre. She scammed £65,000 over a period of 9 years from HMRC.

As from 2005, she used her knowledge of the system to scam huge sums of cash.
She claimed she was living alone with her kids and earning only £15,000 a year. However, as the Daily Record reports, in reality her husband Paul was living with her and earning £33,000 a year.

An investigation launched in 2014 found she was married and living with him.

She now faces a jail term.

Tax does have to be taxing.

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  1. This kind of expert knowledge and initiative will probably be rewarded with a promotion. And a gong.

  2. How come this crime right inside HMRC took 9 years to detect? Where were Internal Governance? Why didn't this HMRC criminal's line management notice anything suspicious? It once again demonstrates that HMIC need to investigate HMRC and figure out what on earth is going on!

  3. What on earth would a line manager know about their team's personal business? Do you tell your boss your financial details? Ridiculous comment quite frankly

    1. Frankly if line management in any organisation or business fail to pick up lifestyle clues etc, which are indicative of fraud, it brings into question their judgement. A failure of HMRC managers to notice anything wrong would be all the more concerning given they are supposed to be experts in tax and tax credit crime. Line management are on the frontline of crime prevention.

      The inaction of too many yes people and apologists could also contribute an environment where such crime could go undetected.

      Crime brings HMRC into disrepute and undermines the vast majority of decent, honest and hard-working staff. It is disgusting.

      Request the HMIC to get in HMRC and find out what an earth is going on in that place!

  4. Greedy criminal. What is happening to the calibre of people working at HMRC that would allow this to happen?

  5. @07.51. Sorry-What a ridiculous comment! Her colleagues probably knew she was married but didn't know she was claiming tax credits. Why would they? This differs immensly from the Tax Inspector some years ago that was being "looked after" by one of the taxpayers he dealt with by taking trips on Concord and exotic holidays-not possible on an Inspectors salary so alarm bells were rung.
    It matters not what industry people are in, retail, factories, accountancy, there will always be someone on the rob.