HMRC Is Shite

HMRC Is Shite
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Wednesday, 1 March 2017

UK Government Invents The Digital Age

Seemingly, until HMRC and the government started talking about it, British business and the British people had never heard of or used anything that could be remotely defined as "digital".

In effect the state has invented "digital".


To mark this breakthrough the government today published its UK Digital Strategy:
"This strategy sets out how we will build on our success to date to develop a world-leading digital economy that works for everyone."
On perusal this "strategy" lumps together various dog end policy objectives and "on message" phrases by liberally pasting the word "digital" into every sentence and headline.

Those of you who will end up having to cope with HMRC's half arsed MTD plans (that's all of us by the way!) may find the ICAEW's MTD resource centre a modest start.

Tin hats everyone!

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  1. OT, so apologies, however as there appear to be the odd bod or two with a penchance for "swinging the lamp"...
    Q1. Explain the significance of 61N, 48:30N & 12W
    Q2. Explain the significance of a yellow flag flown from a vessels mast.
    Q3. Ensign displayed with an overhand knot.
    Q4. Where is Harpy and how much a week?

    In the interim, the combination of HMRC and IT in the same article let alone sentance usually ends in tears for some unfathomable reason, discuss?

  2. Staff are absolutely fucking sick of the word 'Digital'. The department is full of Fast-Streamers (people with degrees who are fast tracked for promotion simply because they've got a degree. Not sure how a degree in 17th century French poetry prepares you for managing tax departments, but still...) who run around talking bullshit and answering every question about how the department is going to cope with it's stupid relocation plans and the massive loss of staff experience simply because they can't move to the regional centres with the word 'Digital'. They don't explain how 'Digital' is going to solve the problems that are looming, but fortunately, Senior Management are ridiculous old farts who don't understand calculators, never mind computers so believe everything they are told by the up-and-comers.

  3. The box?
    I require free pratique
    I am in distress
    Thames dunno.

    1. 2 out of 4 - room for some improvement ;}

      The overhand knot in the ensign is a call for customs to attend, usually for an issue, and is the insignia on the Wateguard tie.

      Harpy has been rennovated and is probably the best houseboat on the Thames, close downstream from Tower Bridge on the Southbank - a fitting place and £658/night (8 people). I won't copy the site as that would be taking a liberty with Ken whose blog this is, however, anyone searching the interthinghy under Harpy Thames, might find it as 1st choice ;}.

      Ken - there are still human beans in HMRC, amazing.

  4. The company I work for started using the term Digital for the past couple of year. Strange as I have worked there in IT for the past 35 years and always thought computers were digital as opposed to analog.
    What they really mean is customers using mobiles and tablets.

  5. The only digital anything that HMRC cares about is the middle finger it gives to staff and customers!

  6. Apparently the department know this BoF idea is a bit too stretching so have approached the union about 42 of the offices (including the regional centres and transisitional sites) to see about keeping those offices open longer. Great news for some of the staff, but a kick in the teeth for the department. I don't know any of the offices involved but you heard it here first.