HMRC Is Shite

HMRC Is Shite
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Wednesday, 5 April 2017

HMRC Promises "Gold Command" For Tax Credits

Jon Thompson's Gold Command Uniform

HMRC has promised to address failings that led to thousands of benefit recipients having their tax credits withdrawn.

In a letter to the Work and Pensions select committee HMRC chief executive Jon Thompson promised to make a number of changes, including: reviewing and revising all letters; prompting customers to respond to HMRC enquiries; making it easier for taxpayers to engage with HMRC; and the rapid reinstatement of payments.

Quoted by the FT:
"One of the key learning points I reported to the Committee in October was that critical performance issues were not escalated to the right levels quickly.

To ensure this does not happen again, the 2017 HRR process will be governed through a ‘Gold Command’ structure alongside the broader Renewals programme, to monitor performance closely and ensure issues are escalated in real time.

I believe we have listened to the comments of our customers and stakeholders and addressed the core issues, whilst continuing to fulfil our responsibilities to reduce error and fraud in the welfare system."
What the fark is a "Gold Command" structure I hear you ask?

A gold–silver–bronze command structure is used by emergency services of the United Kingdom to establish a hierarchical framework for the command and control of major incidents and disasters.

'Nuff said!

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  1. You have got to be kidding me, a Gold Commandwe is required to have the experience, knowledge and ability to make strategic decisions leading to verifiable outcomes. This bunch of idiots cannot be trusted to run the tombola stall at a village fete much less the oft quoted drinking session in a beer making establishment.
    Gold! Iron Pyrite or Fools Gold more like, or, as in Dame whatever her name was, Homer, ah yes, then you are looking at The Midas Touch.
    Try getting some fecking managers in there that can manage, a business, not a failed Japanese car production theme park.
    Your 'customers' should have had a customer services person capable of oversight on what the 'customer' needs not what some fecking think tank dreamed up.
    I still think putting Alan Sugar in there for a spell would scare the shite out of Excom - Your Fired!

    1. sorry, Commandwe was of the Klingon variety, Kirk was a Commander!

  2. Gold Command at HMRC? Come on, this is getting farcical now.

    Gold Command is a structure used in our excellent emergency services and armed forces - both are run on team work, integrity, discipline, hard work and superb leadership and I am afraid HMRC is like neither.

    Any comparison at this current moment in time would in fact we very insulting.

    Perhaps though HMRC could learn from the emergency services and military (that's the operational side btw, not the civil servants at the MOD) and start by getting the basics really good. That means HMRC need to learn about MANAGEMENT and LEADERSHIP if they are to stop the decline!

  3. Another day, another farce. Apparently the IR35 digital tool was delayed because the IT contractors working on it feared for their own IR35 status, thus quit the project causing the delay. You couldn't make it up and it really is beyond a joke.