HMRC Is Shite

HMRC Is Shite
Dedicated to the taxpayers of Britain, and the employees of Her Majesty's Revenue and Customs (HMRC), who have to endure the monumental shambles that is HMRC.

Tuesday, 16 May 2017

HMRC Probe Employee Expense Claims

The FT reports that the cost of tax relief on employees’ out-of-pocket expenses increased by a quarter to £800m in the five years to 2014-15.

Unsurprisingly HMRC is not at all happy about this, and said that it wanted to understand it better. It has asked for input from employers and others “to ensure the relief is being used in the way it was intended”.

Although HMRC claims it does not want to end the relief, you can be assured that something is coming!

Tax does have to be taxing.

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  1. Easy, it is the sum total of the extra travel and subsistence costs for HMRC staff travelling by a variety of methods to those remote football stadia now even more remote as a result of all the office closures. Air travel does not come cheap and don't forget if using own car there is an extra 2p/mile per passenger plus 2p'mile for equipment carried. If you travel by public transport there are taxi costs. Then the catering costs to avoid staff being able to claim for food and refreshments purchased.

    BTW, do the maths and see what figure you come out at for a daily figure this expenses figure comes out at. We are in a recession, everything costs more and these idiots are chasing their tails over a paltry figure.

    1. How can HMRC be trusted to tackle employees abusing the 'rules' when the evidence is they turn a blind eye to law breaking and criminal offences (even to the extend of committing further misconduct via cover-up)?

      An untrustworthy tax department is the truth.

    2. It's not often I find myself defending HMRC but the 16.51 comment is just vindictive drivel. Yes, I expect there is wastage and some abuse on the management side and I don't condone it. I would sack a lot of them. However, before you make commemts like that, do a FOI request and find out how much is spent and by whom. The vast majority of staff spend nothing and don't go to 'awaydays'.
      As for the expenses claims, the claims companies will probably be to blame for any changes. They will be inflating the claims to increase their exorbitant share of the 'take'. Any staff who have enquired into these claims will tell you how bad some of these claims companies are. Complete fairytales on tax returns. If there is a major change, they will only have themselves to blame.

    3. Errr...
      Pathos obviously wasted in this instance, try facts...
      HMRC hold meetings, backslapping, evangelical pacesetter gang shows, spend budget surplus, fly to meet staff because thats how far away some of the teams are from the 'managers' and refreshments supplied and hotels paid for just happens - I've been there, done that!
      Vindictive drivel, nah, just facts, just facts...
      BTW, it does pay to do the maths, try it.

    4. An untrustworthy organisation.

  2. All quiet on the Western Front?
    Toss hand grenade into cesspit Blaster Bates!
    If the poachers are now looking after the 'game', as they have been for some time either by lobbying or 'infiltration' would you have expected HMRC to be anything else but an untrustworthy organisation. It only jumps to the bidding of its 'masters' after all.
    When the civil service became the playground of the snowflake brigade its traditions were lost and its high standards lost forever. (1972 vintage so I speak with some experience.)
    The amount of taxpayers (enforced customers) hard-earned money wasted by these idiots throughout the civil service on failed IT, Lean/Pacesetter and the likes of common purpose is beyond the average persons comprehension. When you add in the Mapeley property 'deal' along with the rush to privatise at all costs it gets worse.
    Of course TPTB will state that the size of the civil service has been reduced along with the wages bill, but have you stopped to consider how much 'efficiencies' such as 'outsourcing' or privatisation really cost?
    Thought not.
    Back to HMRC itself, inability to organise booze-up in brewery, management promoted way beyond their capabilities and a bullying, illegal culture that remains unchecked - and here is where yet another huge waste of money occurs - staff on long term sick, leaving, retiring early and worse.
    It all costs money and reduces efficiency and therefore value for money.
    It is an absolute disgrace and embarrassment.
    Rant over. ;)