HMRC Is Shite

HMRC Is Shite
Dedicated to the taxpayers of Britain, and the employees of Her Majesty's Revenue and Customs (HMRC), who have to endure the monumental shambles that is HMRC.

Monday, 21 December 2020

HMRC's Flawed Plans


The House of Lords is unimpressed with plans to give HMRC more powers would allow it to force financial institutions to provide information about people’s assets without court approval.

The Lords are of the view that the plans are “flawed” and part of a trend of removing taxpayer protections.

In a report released on Saturday, the Lords economics affairs committee strongly criticised a proposal contained in the draft finance bill, which would become law if approved by parliament next year. 

 The measure would require banks, investment advisers, fund managers, credit unions, insurance companies and credit card issuers to divulge information about their customers if served with a “financial institution notice” by HMRC. 

The information would be used by the authority for checking an individual’s assets for tax purposes or the collection of tax debts. Currently, HMRC can only ask a third party to provide information about an individual’s financial affairs if the person agrees or the tax tribunal approves the request. 

As per the FT:

“[The committee] is very concerned about the removal of taxpayer safeguards for information requests, particularly the need to request permission from the tax tribunal.

These proposals are flawed and not supported by evidence.”

Tax does have to be taxing.

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  1. HMRC need to have some of their Mickey Mouse powers reduced. The tax payer soon won't have any protection against the shambles that is Her Majesty's Robbing C***s.

    1. I worked for HMRC for several years, but have to agree with you!!!

      I was completely stitched up by a bullying, corrupt, lawbreaking manager. HMRC shielded her from justice by a complete cover up. She should have been sacked and prosecuted. Instead she got away with it, and she is doubtless now enjoying a generous pension that you and I are paying for.

      As I desperately fought to expose the truth, the corrupt HMRC pulled every vile stunt they could dream up. Some two years after leaving HMRC, I had an HR clerk "Angela" who clearly enjoyed goading, gas lighting and attempting to provoke a reaction. It left me very suicidal for a long time. Those pieces of shit are not forgiven or forgotten - they are, basically, criminals. The horrible reality of the do-gooding HMRC.

    2. It would be interesting to know what the police did about your "law breaking" manager - I assume you told either them or a solicitor about it.
      Also, being harassed by HR two years after leaving the job is incredibly serious. What did you do about that?
      Other than post about it on here, of course.

    3. The lawbreaking by HMRC - criminal and civil - was of course raised with a solicitor who handled the case. Alas, due to the *corruption* by HMRC the case was only partially settled. To this day, I would contend that managers and some HR staff have a criminal case to answer.

    4. I don't understand how a criminal case could be only "partially settled" due to the corruption of the defendant.
      Please expand. This is really interesting.

    5. Likewise @14.07
      I've been reading the posts on this matter for months, and first time I have read that he (or she) involved the sevices of a solicitor. And so was it the criminal or civil case that was partially settled?. Is it ongoing? And what was the settlement reached?
      As I worked for a prosecution authority, I still find this case very strange.

  2. Hardly Mickey Mouse powers if you think they need reducing.

  3. Follower notices and APN's are just 2 examples of where HMRC trample all over taxpayers, obliterating any protection taxpayers should have, that is of course if it was a level playing field to start with.

  4. Story for you Ken.

    "Word has it that bullying is so rife within HMRCs Internal Governance that special ‘mediated conversations’ are being set up between the Head of the Team (Mike Brown) and the staff to ‘restore the working relationship’

    Its said the situation is so bad that many refuse to speak to Mr Brown and are openly accusing him of lies, cover ups and gaslighting."

  5. @ 14.07 on 1st Jan.
    All I see in response is akin to tumbleweed rolling across the screen with the sound of a single church bell tolling in the background....

    1. Hoping one of the big cover ups hits the headlines soon.

    2. @21.12
      Don't hold your breath. Been waiting what seems like years for a proper response.

    3. Don't hold your breath.