HMRC Is Shite

HMRC Is Shite
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Thursday, 8 May 2008

HMRC Joins The Masons

HMRC Joins The Masons
HMRC are recruiting for two positions; a part time non-executive chairman and a Chief Executive Officer.

HMRC, in the face of plummeting morale, claim that they are changing their complex and incomprehensible management structure to try to bring in some elements of corporate governance and efficiency from the real world.

HMRC scanned the "talent" pool within its organisation and found that it is sadly deficient; therefore the posts were to be advertised in the real world.

Isn't it rather odd then that these two posts are not advertised on the HMRC website?

In fact they have never been advertised on the HMRC site.

Indeed, you have to look very hard to find any evidence anywhere that HMRC are proactively seeking to fill these roles at all.

Simon Sweetman of AccountingWeb states that there has in fact been only one advert placed for the Chairman's role, in the Sunday Times on the 2nd of March.

"The highest level of leadership, chairing and influencing skills are required, combined with extensive experience of senior executive or non-executive leadership in large complex organisations. The Chair will have a proven track record of managing multiple stakeholders and, preferably, of working with Government."

Simon then notes that the salary is around £150K, for this part time post, but that the advert gives no closing date.

Has HMRC become part of the Masons, whereby only those invited to the very top positions are allowed to join?

Tax does have to be taxing.

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  1. I guess you haven't noticed yet but HMRC have simply changed the address to their "current vacancies" page...

    This (and your previous) thread really doesn't help your cause.

  2. Thanks for pointing that out.

    You are quite right, stupid errors like that on my part do not help.

  3. What a lot of anonymous critics you have recently.

    Errors are no problem at all. Anything critical about HMRC or any other part of government is automatically right in my view and that of 99% of the sane population.

    I never let myself be influenced by mere facts in these matters so feel entirely free to make things up. I have heard HMRC caused the dinosaurs to be extinct and I am sure it is true.

  4. Actually, I posted the original message anonymously because I couldn't login with my Google account... seems to be working now though.

    I wholeheartedly agree with Ken on nearly everything he posts... but I was surprised when he seemingly jumped on a somewhat irrelevant failing of their site without checking the facts first; it makes me question everything else I've read. I would agree, however, that the HMRC should have redirected the previous page instead of deleting it completely.

    There was no malice intended... I just wanted to bring it to Ken's attention.

  5. Vision

    I did check the link, which was sent to me via one of these comment boxes in an earlier post.

    At the time that I made the original post about "no jobs", that link did not work.

    It still does not work.

    Clearly HMRC have moved the page, my failing was not seeing that at the time I checked the link that they had moved (or were in the process of moving) that page.

    Their failing is that they have not redirected the orginal page to the new page.


  6. It's not the Freemasons you need to worry about, but rather Common Purpose: