HMRC Is Shite

HMRC Is Shite
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Wednesday, 14 May 2008

What The Fark!

The Tax System Explained
Dear oh dear, what a difference a day makes in politics and indeed in tax!

I must congratulate our "respected" Prime Minister and Chancellor for their astute footwork in trying to dig themselves out of their own "self dug" graves.

Quite whether they will still be in orifice by the end of this year remains to be seen.


So am I!

In 1999, with much fanfare and hubris Gordon Brown (never one to hide is "accomplishments" from the world) announced the introduction of a 10p tax help the less well off.

In 2007, Gordon Brown with much fanfare and hubris announced the reduction of the 22% tax band to 20%.

Hidden within the morass of papers spewed out by the Treasury was a wee note that said Brown would be abolishing the 10P band too.

Funny that he didn't mention that during the his 2007 budget speech!

Anyhoo, fast forward one year, facing meltdown in the local elections Labour MPs suddenly realised that the abolition of the 10p tax band was not going to be popular. They mounted a very noisy and vocal rearguard action to try to stave off electoral defeat, and appealed to Brown and Daring to rescind the 10p abolition.

Alas their protestations were to no avail, Darling said in April that budgets cannot be rewritten - the 10p abolition was here to stay. Indeed, he stated very clearly that he could not even afford to compensate those who had been hurt by its abolition (by the way, Brown still contends that via his crappy tax credit system no one is disadvantaged - but that's another story for another day).

Can you guess what happened next children?

Yes, that's right, Labour were well and truly farked over in the local elections; they scored the lowest percentage of votes since 1349 (or thereabouts).

Moving forward but one month, Frank Field and his chums scented blood and threatened (a threat that was taken very seriously) to defeat the Finance Bill. The Finance Bill is of course sacrosanct.

On top of this Brown faced defeat at the Crewe by election, therefore a political and financial bribe of staggering proportions was required.

The solution?

So simple, so obvious, so expensive!

Raise the tax allowances by £600, thus offsetting the negative impact of the abolition of the 10p rate.

The good news is that this gives very basic rate taxpayer a nice £120 windfall, even those who were not negatively impacted by the 10p abolition.

The bad news?

1 The taxpayers will have to pay for the government's bribe (as this money is being "borrowed" from us).

2 This is only effective for this year, next year Darling will have to come up with another solution (want to bet he is no longer in the job?).

3 Had the Chancellor been able to target the relief to only those who were negatively impacted by the 10p abolition, it would have cost us a "mere" £1BN. The solution he has used will cost us £2.7BN.

3 It's messy, confusing and entirely an own goal given that this is a mess of Brown's own creation.


Well, I don't blame you.

Given that HMRC have to deal with the never ending shit spewed out by this government, it is hardly surprising that the tax system is confusing, unwieldy and prone to terrible errors.

Call me naive, but wouldn't it be better for the government to simplify the tax system (reduce the bureaucracy, cut the rates, cut the number of taxes and to use VAT to soak up tax take shortfalls) and to stop farking around with it?

Wouldn't that really be best for the country?

The trouble is, Brown doesn't do "simple".

He is the architect of his own downfall, let us hope he goes quickly.

Tax does have to be taxing.

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  1. isn't even as simple as you say. Because according to the tax bands will also be adjusted so higher rate tax payers get no benefit. What odds they are actually penalised!?

  2. True enough KCM

    I left that bit out as I thought it was confusing enough!:)

  3. Oh for a government that will reform the disincentivising tax and welfare systems. It is absurd that people earning less than £15k are paying tax at all.

    Get rid of all this tax credit rubbish that takes their money away and then gives it back to them less all the overhead of an expensive beurocratic system.

    Our tax/welfare system seems to exist largely for the benefit of the civil service.

  4. I work for the revenue and our welfare system exists for border jumpers and peasants. If we stopped tax credits, we as a country would be much better off - i think its appalling that the current government just throws money at foreigners and toerags who've never had a fucking job. Maybe we should give them tax relief like the old WFTC system, that way they have to have a job to benefit - and paying for childcare is a disgrace, why should the british taxpayer have to foot the bill because some fucking slag cant keep her legs shut!! Government sanctioned forced abbortions are whats needed. Just look at housing as well - there are people who have lived here all of their lives who cant get a council house then some nigerian lowlife with 12 kids turns up and they jump straight to to top of the queue. We as british citizens / taxpayers shouldnt have to put up with it - at least Brown dropped a bollock by removing the 10% band, then giving some of it back by adjusting the Personal allowance (but not quite as much as he took) ha! what a tit - a blessing in disguise methinks though - cos lets face it, nobody will vote for the useless, fat, scotch cunt now!!

    1. Are you sure you are not a member of the Nazi party? Arsehole.

    2. If you did work for HMRC or indeed if you were able to read, you would know tax credits are being abolished. Now please go way kill yourself and do us all a favour

  5. The HMRC website is a disgrace and a complete waste of tax payers money. If someone in the private sector produced a website like this they would be sacked - an absolute joke!

    1. Hear Hear!! It's plainly obvious that they deliberately try to make things as complicated as possible. what a bunch of mind-numbing numpties!!