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HMRC Is Shite
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Thursday, 3 July 2008

Consultations and The New Charter

Consultations and The New CharterHMRC is still formulating a "new" tax payers' charter, despite the fact that there was one in existence a few years ago but withdrew it.

The IR167 Charter for Inland Revenue Taxpayers was withdrawn on 23 June 2003, and replaced by 'Customer Service Standards' which were of little use to man or beast.

However, HMRC has stated that it has now launched a consultation on its proposals (which is giving me a feeling of a kind of deja vu, as they announced this idea back in January 2008), together with two other consultation documents on modernising tax administration.

The charter will, in theory, articulate in plain language the rights and obligations of customers when dealing with HMRC.

Responses received will help form the basis of a draft charter, which will be the subject of further consultation later this year.

The second consultation examines why taxpayers fail to file their tax returns, or pay the tax they owe, on time.

The third consultation examines harmonising and simplifying the rules on interest charged by HMRC both on tax paid late and on\interest paid by HMRC on overpayments.

The three consultation documents can be accessed on the HMRC website (click the "current consultations" option).

The deadline for submitting comments on all three consultations is 11 September 2008.

Make your opinion heard!

Tax does have to be taxing.

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The full press release can be downloaded here.

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  1. In common with all such documents, this "charter" will not have the force of law - and I quote from the consultation document "Although the Charter will not be set in legislation. . ." In other words it's kidology for the professional classes, much like the consultation for what became the Companies Act 2006. In that case, my colleagues and I submitted copious, relevant and expert observations which were politely acknowledged and comprehensively ignored in the ultimate legislation.

    The government and HMR&C have a clear agenda, the essence of which is illustrated by (in your masterly description) the "Martini" clauses of the present Finance Bill. Charter-schmarter: this is just another exercise to enable the authorities to deny that the effect of UK tax legislation and its administration is to drag well-meaning accountants and their hapless clients up a cul-de-sac and mug them.