HMRC Is Shite

HMRC Is Shite
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Wednesday, 19 August 2009

A Complete Farce!


It seems that HMRC have made a bit of a "boo boo", and confiscated fags that they shouldn't have.

The Independent reports that fags seized from tobacco smugglers over the past eight years will have to be returned, because Customs officers unlawfully confiscated their assets.

HMRC are are re-examining approximately 4,000 cases, where confiscation orders were granted to seize the assets of people involved in fag smuggling.

HMRC may have to pay it all back, plus legal costs and compensation.

The law changed in 2001, only the masterminds and those who smuggled the fags have to pay the duty, unfortunately HMRC didn't spot the change in the law until last year.

HMRC face having to return up to £88M of tobacco smuggling assets, before costs and damages.

As Paul Holmes, Liberal Democrat home affairs spokesman, says it's "a complete farce".

Tax does have to be taxing.

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  1. They'll just change the law to suit them wont they? That's what they always seem to do. Aggressive bastards

  2. This article from the Treasury claimed that

    “As a result of these measures, Customs will reverse the trend in tobacco smuggling within three years, and in the process will:
    • seize £50 million of criminal assets;
    • collect an additional £2.3 billion in tax revenue which will be available for priority services. “

    Obviously the original aims were not met. For someone somewhere, it is a good job that the billions collected over all these years are having to be repaid now, nobody will notice these billions among the nearly two hundred billion budget deficit that is likely.

    Trevor Scott

  3. Her Majesty'a CUSTOMS AND EXCISE were not aware of a change in the law regarding smugglers???? That surely takes incompetence to new heights

  4. I meant REVENUE and CUSTOMS obviously.

    Hey! That's an idea! Maybe it's time for another name change! That's always good for a new image, saves actually bothering to do anything sensible like bringing the actual rules into line rather than just the timescales, fines and penalties.

    What efficiency savings were actually made by merging the tax office with the contributions agency and then those with HM Customs? Anybody?

  5. Well, I suppose you all know - but I /like/ repeating it - HMRC's buildings are on a buy and leaseback deal from Maperly PLC an offshore tax dodger outfit

    words don't fail me - pass it on!

  6. Anyone got a light?