HMRC Is Shite

HMRC Is Shite
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Friday, 26 February 2010

Computer Says No

A loyal reader advises me that his firm of accountants has had a number of calls from clients who have made their personal tax payments to HMRC by BACS, before 31 January 2010.

However, they are receiving reminders from HMRC indicating that the payments have not been made.

Is this yet another problem with HMRC's computer system?

Is anyone else experiencing this problem?

Tax does have to be taxing.

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  1. In fairness I believe it can take a while for the payments to hit accounts.

    There is also the issue around HMRC having new bank details so people need to check they have sent the payments to the correct bank account.

    I neither of the above are valid points then it is probably just a cockup again.

  2. Another problem;we went through all clients on HMRC website to check who had been issued with returns.We now find that although the record shows no return issued clients have been sent a notices to file letter!

  3. A 'Notice to File' letter is issued in place of an SA return. No point in HMRC sending the punter a paper tax return if they've filed returns online in previous years.

  4. Well the SA system is the same one which has been in use for years, so it is unlinked to the new system (and coding errors). Secondly, yes bank account details have changed which quite a few people have seemed to miss (despite HMRC being extremely proactive in informing people LAST YEAR). Thirdly in my experience agents have a habit of incorrectly referencing payments no UTR, paying a wife and husband's balances on one cheque (so it only goes on one record). Or of course it could be a HMRC cockup.
    The thing to take into account is that Ken mentions only one firm of accountants who are affected, given the lack of other people 'coming forward' I know who my money's on.