HMRC Is Shite

HMRC Is Shite
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Wednesday, 10 March 2010

HMRC Management Shows Its True Face

Re this comment about Lesley Strathie's (CEO of HMRC) attitude to staff morale, made in relation to yesterday's, article:

"Strathie said in a phone in last year that she has no interest whatsoever in whether her staff are happy or not."

Did she really say that?

Tax does have to be taxing.

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  1. I wouldn't put it past her! After all, she also messed up the DWP.

  2. Stephen Banyard, when head of HR told a meeting of Senior Managers in HR that 'anyone who raised a grievance against the Department had lost the plot' which the person who told me was said to clearly infer that their career would be over. They are bullies - nothing more.

  3. My partner was told much the same thing. They where told by a line manager that if they made a complaint against the manager 'It would not go anmywhere'.

  4. Yes, she definitely did say it. It was a reply to a hotseat question.

  5. Theyre bullies on the outside too.
    HMRC seized a fleet of private City Tour buses in Belfast. The tour buses created a few jobs and helped bring a little income into the city after years of mayhem.

    The court case was described as a waste of time by the Judge.
    The solicitor for the owner told the court regarding the seizure "the seized buses may end up in another city".

    A shower of scumbags (inside and out)

  6. Even better is a hotseat "question" made to Steve Lamey which was nothing more than an attack by someone who claimed "to have been high up in private industry before joining HMRC" (so why are'nt you still there then tosser) who went on a long rant about how he believed that his colleagues were workshy laggards who didnt appreciate the fantastic pay and jobs that they had.... pausing only to vomit copiously at such a blatent, arse licking, suck up I read on. Steve Lameys Reply. The first sentance of which was " I agree withe everything you say... he then went on to offer this individual an opportunity to join the Pacesetter team. Is it any wonder that morale is in the toilet when the highest paid member of EXCOM (was that another £35k bonus this year Steve?) treats his staff in such a fashion? They couldnt find thier arse with both hands.

  7. The grade 7 managers below Strathie and Co are just as classy.when one came to our office we were accused of being negative for it's own sake and if we didn't like it Tesco's were hiring shelf stackers...

  8. I know it is hard but try and ignore the bullies, do not get into conversations with them unless absolutely necessary. If you see them in the street then cross the road or just blank them. If you have a works night out then do not invite them, do not include them in anything where possible.

    See how long it is before they start to feel isolated.

    Things may not change but you may just start to feel better in yourselves as you will be doing something about the situation.

    Oh yes and take a long hard look at your union. If they appear to be useless then join another one ASAP.

  9. For your enjoyment read point 4 of this recent House of Commons Select Commitee

    Explains it all doesnt it ?

  10. After more than a decade of working for the IR and now the HMRC my partner has decided to leave this year. There maybe some interesting posts coming on this site soon along with more naming and shaming.

  11. It wasn't a hotseat question,it was in a regular staff phone in held to make staff belive that they are listened to. A caller said that staff would not be happy about something management was doing and she huffily replied that staff happiness was not her concern. A transcript was published on the HMRC intranet.