HMRC Is Shite

HMRC Is Shite
Dedicated to the taxpayers of Britain, and the employees of Her Majesty's Revenue and Customs (HMRC), who have to endure the monumental shambles that is HMRC.

Monday, 22 March 2010

Rearranging The Deckchairs

A loyal reader advises me that a very good source has let it be known that HMRC intends to move many of the current Tax Advisers onto Tax Credit work, even though many have little or no knowledge of this line.

The suspicion being that this move is to shore up the administration side of Tax Credits during the election period, in order to reduce the number of complaints.

I am also advised that HMRC intends to remove "unsocial hours" payments (a contractual element for the PN103 contract staff) for those working unsocial hours within the contact centres.

Anyone care to provide more information on these stories?

Tax does have to be taxing.

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  1. The staff do not need experience of tax credits to advise on the subject. This is because they just have to follow the Call Type process.

    On a good note my partner has entered the formal process of written warnings regarding their performance so it will not be long before they have to worry about this no more. It has been decided that because they will probably not be able to meet the required standard they are going to use this opportunity to get out of HMRC.

    Full details of what they have endured over the years will be released shortly after they leave.

  2. As for removing unsocial hours payments within HMRC's workhouses (er Contact Centres), PCS is in the process of taking cases to tribunals.

  3. 10:18-
    I'm out now a year and have not looked back, so good luck to your partner.
    If it wasn't for the stupid recession and unemployment I would say thousands would leave next week, the place is that dire. The Contact Centres must be a story in themselves never mind the rest of HMRC.
    My only regret is that I wasted years in Customs only to end up in the shitty quagmire of HMRC, along with thousands of others.

  4. Following Call Type Processes is not the answer because at last count there were over 250 amendments dating back to last July that had not yet been updated in the CTP's and woe betide anyone who gives wrong advice because hey followed the CTP and did not check back through all the amendments. Also cant use that as an excuse for longer call handling times. Oh yes the Contact Centres are indeed a story on their own

  5. it sounds like your "source" is quoting that common practice to create a contingency bank of staff to handle the renewals period. These staff generally have a very narrow remit and so the training they get is tailored for this. The contingency staff do generally come from the taxes side of the business. Reducing the service for tax customers to try and tackle the amount of calls created by the tax credit renewals deadline.

    See the link below regarding the unsocialable hours payment.

  6. I'm a SA/PAYE/DMB advisor and every year get taken off my normal duties and stuck on NTC.

    Its demoralising to know that the government places more priority on giving out monies to bludgers than collecting taxes.

  7. hmrc are refusing to pay unsocial hours to some who had to take time off their normal contracted hours during the xmas period and the fact that staff felt the need to celebrate with their families and not open call centres.
    this is against the law as to make people take leave and remove the allowances is a bit of a no no. it probably saved the cost of 20 craven a and a bag of crisps but lets hope the tribunals see it as any sane person would.

  8. 14.30 Flipping burgers in MaccyDees has got to be better than working in an HMRC CC!

  9. CC's have become dire hell holes due to CTP's and poor senior managment who have no experience off working in them

  10. Fear not, every advisor who has been moved on to tax credits from another line of business has emailed their thoughts on the matter to Messrs Cameron and Clegg in respect of their spending challenge. As Alex the Meerkat would say its simples.
    Link tax credits directly to the PAYE and Self assessment system, so that no-one has to phone or send there form in to declare their income.
    One team of 12 people trialled checking the figures given by the public when they rang against these taxes systems for 3 days. They saved us (aka people who pay taxes) a whopping £93000.00 give or take in incorrectly paid tax credits.
    Fewer phone calls to tax credits means more people returning to their normal line of business so you might get through.
    Weve also suggested making people work for a living, pay for their own childrens upkeep, limiting the number of children you can claim tax credits/ child beenfits for and shutting the stable door before the horse bolts.