HMRC Is Shite

HMRC Is Shite
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Friday, 2 July 2010

IT Spending Freeze

The National Audit Office (NAO) has warned HMRC that its IT spending freeze might cause serious problems in achieving efficiency targets set by spending reviews, and coping with future growth in data.

The NAO went on to warn that cutting some costs will have "consequences" in the long term interests of having accurate records. Twelve long standing data issues remain, in particular concerning data mismatches between HMRC and the Department for Work and Pensions, which could affect people's future pension and benefit requirements.

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  1. oh dear. That is such a pity.

  2. There is not normally costs involved in getting bugs fixed, unless they where part of the design.

  3. Who cares? What is funny though is that HMRC has been challenged to reduce it's Travel and Subsistence spending.

    Fair enough you might think and you'd be right.

    However, who's the person HMRC has chosen to be the figure head of this work? Step forward Steve Lamey.

    The same who was extensively wined and dined by outside suppliers when responsible for spending a large amount of HMRC's cash on an IT package that doesn't really work.

    How do you spell irony again?

  4. What's hilarious about the T&S 'squeeze' is that - for the last four or five years - 'distance management' has been the norm in many 'business streams'. Indeed, we've heard only this week that someone based in our office is - due to yet another reorganisation - going to be managing all the staff in an office 70 miles away.

  5. There is not normally costs involved in getting bugs fixed, unless they where part of the design.

    This is what happens when the design is handled by SCS staff who have no idea how PAYE works in the real world.

    Despite the recruitment freeze they've given another non-job to someone to figure out what PAYE is from start to finish - using 'pacesetter tools'. Meaning they won't fix the IT system properly, but expect more HMRC low paid staff to implement weird and wonderful 'quick fixes' to peoples PAYE records that would tire out even the brains of the type of people who might publish a paper on improving the practical uses of logic in boolean algebra if they had to do it to the records of every single taxpayer every single day when a taxpayer asks a simple question.

    The arrogance of our SCS staff obviously knows no bounds.

  6. Said it before and I will say it again if SCS want to introduce their weird and wonderful systems they have to prove that they have been properly Risk Assessed and that Risk Assessment MUST include how the process will affect staff particulalrly health wise. Dave Hartnett stated this two years ago after a Town Hall meeting. I refer all of my colleagues to The Management of Health and Safety in the Workplace Regulations 1999. Unless they can prove that the RA has been conducted by a competent person (someone who actually knows what the job entails)and can provide a copy of the RA to anyone who has to follow or use said process, then it can be considered that the process is not lawful. Our contract says we have to obey reasonable instructions. No unlawful instruction can be considered reasonable. PCS please note. The above applies equally to all areas of HMRC especially our colleagues in Call Centres whose CTP's are changed on a daily basis.

  7. HMRC is mess now but wait until Osbornes spending cuts are drawn up over the next few weeks. 25-50% in some cases!!
    The shits really gonna hit the fan.
    If your unfortunate to work for HMRC, hide in the toilets, under your desk, behind the photocopier, do some bloody thing.

  8. The lucky ones will be made redundant.