HMRC Is Shite

HMRC Is Shite
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Wednesday, 28 July 2010

Making Contact With HMRC II

HMRC Call Centre
My thanks to a loyal reader who sent me this list of email addresses of the "great and good" (please note the "..") in HMRC and others with a passing interest in HMRC issues.

Maybe a bulk mailing of all of these people is worth trying, if all else fails when trying to resolve a tax issue/make contact with HMRC?

As with any list, it is time sensitive.


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  1. It's nice to see that the accountancy profession's leading light really has his finger on the pulse - what is the point of contacting Deepak Singh - your previous article says he left nearly a year ago???

    This is a silly list - many names on it are very junior and there is no possible benefit to be gained by mass e-mailing them (and no, I'm not on it).

    Also, what has "tsol" and "attorney-general" got to do with HMRC?

    I am a great admirer of this blogsite, but I'm afraid that this article is way below the normal high standard.

  2. How do you know that many of the names here are very junior?

    Deepak may well have gone and any email sent to anyone that is no longer there will be returned as undeliverable if HMRC have got their act together and actually deleted him and any other leavers from their mailing lists including the one on the intranet.

    There is every point in sending mass emails as it is likely to clogg up the system and force someone to actually do something to resolve the issue.

    I am sure the other offices mentioned would also quickly get fed up with being bombarded with complaints about HMRC. I am sue the two you mention are much higher up the food chain than 96 out of 96.

    To Quote Sir Arthur "Bomber" Harris they have sowed the wind now they shall reap the whirlwind.
    His carpet bombing tactics caused havoc to the enemy.

    The word processor is mightier than the atom bomb.

  3. 15:25
    You sound like the establishment to me (not meant as a personal attack)

    What department you in then?

  4. I have said it before and I will say it again, why don't people just get together and knock on the call center doors. You will probably not get in but if enough people do it at the same time the publicity will not help HMRC's case.

  5. What department you in then?

    I hope it is not IT, they may be the person who will have to change a lot of emails now.

  6. Woohoo! I AM on there - and I'M pretty junior -send your e-mails proles, two of my office staff are looking pretty bored!

  7. two of my office staff are looking pretty bored!

    Careful, if anyone higher up sees that they will be looking for the P45 pad.

  8. Really what a pathetic idea.

  9. I like the blog usually, but this isn't really constructive.

    I've worked as a contractor for HMRC for a while and know some of the names on there. Spamming their email inboxes won't be helpful - it'll just waste their time when they could be doing things that are useful. Your placing them on a webpage will allow them to be picked up by spambot crawlers. When that happens they'll get hundreds of pieces of automatically generated spam. And will likely change their addresses as a result.

    If, say, you'd published email addresses for the senior leadership, I'd have applauded you. But there are some very good, capable people who work hard and try to the right thing despite the organisation in your list. Those aren't the ones you want to target.

  10. Not this site's finest hour this is it?

  11. Not this site's finest hour this is it?

    I tend to agree with the poster of the post above.

    But we need to remember that this site only exists because HMRC is not providing the service it should be.

  12. But we need to remember that this site only exists because HMRC is not providing the service it should be.

    And will posting the email address of people with no knowledge of your problem or how to solve it and no influence/power to change things help?

  13. And will posting the email address of people with no knowledge of your problem or how to solve it and no influence/power to change things help?

    No, So what do HMRC managers/staff on here suggest people do?

  14. Don't make things worse for your own entertainment as Ken has tried to do. He claimed this was a list of the great and the good at HMRC - clearly it isn't.

    Genuine customers who need to contact the NCTS helpdesk or UKTradeinfo will face longer delays now. Those email address will be filled with spam or people complaining about completely unrelated areas of tax. And most of the people on that list probably won't even know who to pass your complaint to so you still won't get dealt with quickly.

    He had a list of the directors for each area 2 days ago with details of their areas of responsibility. It would have been more effective to repost that.

  15. its good to see I am NOT on the list !

  16. How do you know that many of the names here are very junior?

    What a dumb-ass statement to make. If you work for a large organisation - you tend to recognise the names of the people are at the very top and perhaps even those names who are not quite so important but like to thing they are

    Here's a new trick for all the aggressive complainers that hang around this site. If you want to e-mail someone within HMRC, include their first name and surname in the prefix and the in the suffix. However don't expect to get through to PAYE/SA/Contact centre staff using this methods as at least 2/3rds of the operational staff on the direct taxes side of things haven't been given access to 20th century tools such as external e-mail lol!

  17. From my experience the majority of external email addresses are owned by ex C&E people (like me even though I came from IR !), the ex IR people cant be trusted apparently with such an address.
    So you cant complain to them about your tax codes !.

  18. To 19.22
    If you can't recognise the difference between a question and a statement, dumb ass or otherwise, then any comment you make must be questionable.
    As to how to contact people at HMRC this has already been covered in a previous post and I might add with a little more accuracy. You need to remember the stop between the first name and surname.
    Patently your ass aint so dumb.

  19. Oh dear, this is rather pathetic isn't it?

    As has been previously mentioned, most of the people whose e-mail addresses you've published are nowhere near the echelons of senior management.

    All this will achieve is to cause problems for ordinary hard-working folk who are just trying to do their jobs. You remember them, don't you? Those are the people who earn below the national average, with poor-quality IT systems, deplorable leadership, a 2-year pay freeze to pay for the greed and short-sightedness of the banks, rapidly worsening terms and conditions, and the worst morale in any UK Government Department, all in a vain bid to try and collect taxes for the exchequer and pay out benefits to those most in need.

    I'm sorry, but I fail to see what this will accomplish other than make life difficult for people who don't deserve it.

    Childish, petulant, pointless and completely counter-productive.

    Ken, you really have hit rock bottom here.

    1. Rubbish - they are public servants doing a public service, the standard of which is piss poor.

      HMRC hate using email because it's on the record and doesn't make them any money.

      I get letters from 'HMRC' that are so piss poor they just seem like fakes. No email contact, only an initial for the first name, nothing about any compulsion to pay and full of vain threats that will end up getting them done for harassment.

      The only time I've ever had any descent correspondence with them was when I emailed everybody on that list and had a response from Lin Homer almost immediately. She passed me to the right department as ALL public servants at HMRC are required to do.

      This is basic service to the public in the face of the expensive pointless call lines that nobody on the other end can even verify that they do indeed work for HMRC.

      The whole thing is run on trusting implicitly in the alleged identity of the person on the other end of the line or writing to you.

      I've been given every reason under the sun as to why HMRC don't do emails, all contradictory to each other when they suggest paying them online.

      When will this country weep up and demand better from our servants?

      You demonstrate exactly why HMRC are to be treated with little regard and forced to do their jobs whatever way the people they serve choose.

    2. Demand of your Government why HMRC don't email....not of us HMRC "servants" who have to endure this pantomime daily.
      You voted them in,you muppet !!!

  20. Basically, what Anon @ 21:23 on 30/07 said.

    This marks the point where this site has - to use that bloody awful phrase (American, like most cultural junk in this country) - "jumped the shark".

    Had you confined yourself to the addresses of members of Ex-Com, the people who actually decide things, then all well and good; they are fair gane. But this is just silly.

  21. The 30 July, 21:23 comment pretty much sums up my feelings!

    What astounds me, however, is how so many people seem to see this as a one-off!

    "Childish, petulant, pointless and completely counter-productive."

    For me, this phrase perfectly sums up the majority of this blog's posts. Ken claims to be trying to stand up for the staff of HMRC. I've always been very skeptical about this, as I believe that Ken would not hesitate to screw over any HMRC staff member in order to further his libertarian, regressive taxation, anti-wealth redistribution agenda, and I think this episode is a clear case in point.

    The annoying thing in some ways is that he often has a point. There have been some bits in here over the years that have been genuine revelations of real problems that should have been brought to light and lobbied about. Unfortunately, such things gets lost in the endless stream of inaccurate, under-researched, misrepresented and/or exaggerated nonsense!

    I know I really shouldn't rise to it...

  22. service army of accountants and lawyers given targets by government.then an army of intimidation experts and debt collectors who actually believe that money is owed..
    hmrc is a ltd company
    has monopoly
    doesn't produce anything

    guess what bully me no more .....
    hmrc have made a right royal mess of my case and ill be posting it on here unless they get there act together sharpish...threats and demands WONT BRUSH THIS UNDER THE CARPET IT'LL GET YOU SOME VERY BAD PUBLICITY

    give us all your evidence and sign this ?YOU cant peruse legal action if ombudsman takes case on .OH AND WELL DRAG THIS OUT IN THAT THE HOPE YOU'LL GET TIRED OF THE NONSENSE just keep them busy with these till you get a legal team together

  24. I've just used the Stephen Banyard address and it works and I got a lovely response back from his PA. I sent an email whilst on hold for 45 mins to then be told yes the website is wrong. I don't think it does any harm to send an email. I wasn't rude, just a bit fed up, and I did thank her for replying.