HMRC Is Shite

HMRC Is Shite
Dedicated to the taxpayers of Britain, and the employees of Her Majesty's Revenue and Customs (HMRC), who have to endure the monumental shambles that is HMRC.

Monday, 5 July 2010

Money Well Spent

As the pay of civil servants is frozen (though apparently not the bonus pot) in order to help the country's battered finances, Citywire reported last week that seven directors of HMRC earned up to £1.24M in pay and benefits last year.

The best paid civil servant at HMRC was director general of benefits and credits, Steve Lamey, who was paid between £205,000 and £209,999. The chairman of HMRC, Mike Clasper, was paid between £150,000 and £154,999 for working three days a week.

Tax does have to be taxing.

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  1. I am sure they are well deserved ...

  2. It would be interesting to make a freedom of information request for Mike Claspers schedule on these 3 days a week he works.....We keep asking on our official staff forum what he does, and only ever get a lot of shuffling feet, downcast eyes and "Oooh, Was that a tap I left running " in reply.

  3. The SCS have a pay freeze this year, someone tried to find out if they were getting bonuses this year on Hotseat - answer came there none....did see an earlier memo saying that they had reserved 8.6% of the pay bill for bonuses.......hmmmm, 8.6% - trebles all round!

  4. No one in HMRC should be getting any sort of bonus. Once you can deal with all the calls coming in fully, have all your online systems working and turn the post around in a more timely manner then maybe this issue can be revisited.

    I know the people on the font line are not to blame but if HMRC was functioning correctly you would all take part of the glory so I am afraid until there is a marked improvement in the service provided you should all just be glad to have jobs.

  5. Poster at 21:02,You come out with the usual claptrap of someone who has no idea the shit that we have to go through to give Joe Public any kind of service.
    We should be glad we just have jobs you should walk a mile in our shoes mate.

  6. 5 July 2010 23:44, I posted at 21:02 and I know only too well what goes on. My partner works for HMRC in a call center and I deal with the fallout every day. However, I am also a self employed tax payer who suffers from the shit service provided by HMRC as a result of the problems it has.

    So as a member of 'Joe Public' with knowledge of what is going on within HMRC I ask you to stop banging on about the problems, kick your union up the arse to get things sorted out for yourselves.

    If you are not prepared to do that then I say again, just be glad you have a job.

    We should be glad we just have jobs you should walk a mile in our shoes mate.
    Leave, that is the action my partner is taking.

  7. 5 July 2010 23:44-

    You got a bonus if you arsed licked.
    That was one of the reasons I got out after seven years. You could work your butt off but if you didnt "network', well then.
    I remember a colleague of mine flashing a new cell phone she picked up through a Top Box making bonus handed out by her colleague who sat opposite and at only Officer grade was writing yearly Appraisals!!

    3:30 on a Friday they'd all be off home sniggering and hooraying even though they were meant to stay well after 4.
    That was one of the reasons the Customs people hated the Revenue in the building I was in.
    Customs had a in house coziness that was ruined by the dour faced seriousness of the were still in the 70s Inland Revenue.

  8. Well said last poster. I am ex Customs and the culture there was to work together to get the work done, where staff were given responsibility and left to get on with things without people pulling grade status as a lot of the ex Revenue people do, and none of the micro management that still pervades the new HMRC

  9. Yep -Customs certainly had an " in house cosiness". Trouble is, quite a lot of it was with major criminals. Thought they were the Sweeney, turned out to be Fred Carno's Army.

  10. 5 July 2010 21:02 Poster

    " You would all take a part of the glory".

    What a complete and utter bell end.

  11. 7 July 2010 16:35 Poster.

    I may well be a bell end, but I am a bell end with my own business and do not have twats like your bosses bullying me or staff that feel the need to moan about their working conditions but do not have the balls to do anything about it.

    So have a nice day tomorrow, I will.

  12. Poster 7 July 2010 16:35

    I "have my own business". Do you want to be any more vague??

    You're probably a window cleaner or an Avon lady.

    Do us a favour an piss off!

  13. And what is wrong with being a window cleaner or an Avon lady?

    Do you think you are something special?

    As for pissing off, I will be doing that real soon. You see my better half is one of your collegues in a call center and because of the crap thay have put up with over the years they have decided to leave. However as a favour to the rest of you we are sending full details of what they have endured to the HSE, our local MP and the press in the hope it will draw some attention to your plight. The question is will it help? I doubt it because no one else is prepared to stand up and be counted. That is why you will have to put up with the crap for a long time to come yet.

    Pissing off now, good luck.

  14. 7 July 2010 18:36

    people are willing to stand up and be counted.

    I run my own business and have seen the wrath of HMRC. I wish more staff at HMRC had the balls to leak more information to the press. The more bloody noses those idiots at the top get, the better for the staff at HMRC and businesses alike.

    Good luck.

  15. 7 July 2010 19:42

    I have to disagree with you reagarding HMRC staff standing up for themselves. A large number of them belong to one of the biggest unions in the UK and all they can come up with is legal action against the government and a couple of days strike action regarding pensions. Well I am afraid it was obvious from the start they where on a looser there, because all the governement had to do is ignore the strike and change the laws to get around the legal action.

    In the past I seem to recall a ballot being held to hold strike action regarding the working conditions and the union called it off at the last minute because there was an apparent aggreement met. Well that agreement came to nothing as it seems to be business as usual at the coal face.

    I know it is hard because of the pressure placed upon staff members but there is no point moaning about things if you are not prepared to do anything about it as you just end up looking like a bunch of moaning minnies.

    There are a lot of Joe Public's who would support the staff even if they have no links with HMRC but the staff and union need to lead the way.

  16. 7 July 2010 18:23 Posted
    Do us a favour an piss off!

    Looks like the attitude of someone who thinks they are above everyone else. Well if you work for HMRC I can tell you right here and now you are not above anyone. It may or may not be your fault the service you provide is bad but the service you provide is bad so put your self back in your little box and shut up telling people to piss off.

  17. Anonymous said...

    No one in HMRC should be getting any sort of bonus.

    I agree, but it won't stop it happening because the first at the bonus trough on six figure salaries will justify themselves in the same manner as those horrible w****ng c***s in the banking sector do, in other words it'll all be about 'retaining talent'.

    Watch this space.