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HMRC Is Shite
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Friday, 27 August 2010

The Joys of Self Employment

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As if it were not already difficult enough starting out as self employed, HMRC have managed to add to the burden by increasing the amount of time it takes to register with them as self employed.

HMRC have issued an apology noting that the turnaround times for newly self-employed people to register will increase to eight weeks, between now and October 31 2010.

It seems that processing times for paper form 64-8 and registrations for self-assessment will also increase over the next two months.

HMRC staff are being moved to "higher priority work", hence the delays in processing these forms.

Maybe the best way to avoid the delays and hassle, and to reduce the admin burden on HMRC to enable them to work on "high priority stuff", is to opt out of the tax system?

Would HMRC and the government approve of that?:)

Tax does have to be taxing.

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  1. Reg as self employed was done well by local offices for the local area. Then they centralised it. It has never worked right since.The fact it is being put aside suggests the ragged edge is nearer than ever for HMRC.

  2. When I registered many years ago I did it over the telephone!!!

    Can you not do it online now?

  3. Yes you can register over the phone, online or by completing a CWF1. But it still times time for a UTR to be allocated.

  4. Sorry. My last comment should read "It still takes time for a UTR to be allocated"-that will be the 8 weeks then.

  5. So does that mean my UTR was issued manually?

    If so, I suppose that means it may not be so unique after all.

  6. Or HMRC could employ more staff

  7. To the person starting a business the real practical problem is obtaining a VAT number.

    Trevor Scott

  8. With ref to 27 August 2010 18:13:

    I hear we have spent millions on university courses for students even though we do not need them, maybe they could work for HMRC on the cheap and help clear the backlog.