HMRC Is Shite

HMRC Is Shite
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Monday, 14 February 2011

Motivation - A Lah Grande Dame

My thanks to a loyal reader, who advises me that the "Grande Dame" (Lesley Strathie) has talked up the recently published Civil Service People Survey 2010 (in which HMRC came 103rd out of 103).

Seemingly the "Grande Dame" has hailed the results as a success, and in parts an example of how well "we" have done!

I am advised that this motivating speech accompanied the very curtailed page and a half version of the 14 page survey result that HMRC were forced into publishing on the intranet.

Please could someone send me the speech, or point me to where I might be able to download it?


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  1. Based on the fact she is there to get rid of staff then I suppose

    "Seemingly the "Grande Dame" has hailed the results as a success, and in parts an example of how well "we" have done!"

    This is all correct.

  2. MPs, Public Account Committes, and others asked for this situation to be improved and after coming 103rd this is the best she can come out with.

  3. I would really love to read what she said in that speech: whether she mentioned anything about the "GREAT" PaceSetter project, which is all about engaging and empowering people. Where are the results of PaceSetter in improving staff engagement? Since PaceSetter was introduced in 2005 the engagement index in HMRC is getting lower and lower...

  4. Well, I can not try and defend Strathies NewsBoard message. The "Propaganda Ministry".. oh sorry.. "ExComm" do seem to be pulling their fingers out. There are a lot of Director level Civil Servants who have not been successful in the "capability review". I havent looked into the details, yet, but I would not be surprised if the failures.. sorry, I mean, the unsuccessful Senior Civil Servants were not all in Personal Tax. HMRC have had a rough ride from the media and the PAC about this. Rightly so, might I add, but since Bernadette Kenny's sudden "resignation", it does seem that there is a a new found will to stop the rot. The capability review was at Director level, and in one of Phil Pavitts NewsBoard messages he stated that "ExComm are committed to helping those that were unsuccessful". I think the quote is fairly accurate, but it is from memory. I hope the new managers will have a greater understanding of Taxpayer needs than the current crop, but without this epiphany, service levels and the taxpayer experience is only going to go one way.