HMRC Is Shite

HMRC Is Shite
Dedicated to the taxpayers of Britain, and the employees of Her Majesty's Revenue and Customs (HMRC), who have to endure the monumental shambles that is HMRC.

Saturday, 14 July 2012

Bon Voyage Stephen Banyard

Q: Why is Stephen Barnyard (or is it Banyard?;)) so upbeat and effusive about RTI?

A: He is retiring soon!

As per PAYE At The Crossroads:
"Stephen Banyard will be shortly stepping down from his position and retiring. He leaves behind him a legacy of modernisation and the APPTG wish him well in his retirement. 

We hope his successor will be able to continue along the path that Stephen has laid out."

He could of course come back as a paid consultant, if things don't run smoothly;)

Tax does have to be taxing.

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  1. I am Spartacus14 July 2012 at 12:55

    A hope, internally, is that once all the dead wood retire/leave those that come in might decide to try their own thing and destroy Caseflow, Pacesetter and RTI.... you can only hope (forlorn, but all we have)

  2. I note that the Olympic estates have been accredited temporary tax haven status WTF.
    LOGOC is mentioned in a Mirror article and no doubt the multi-national snouts gathered at the trough are likely to include providers of "official" refreshments, souvenirs etc.
    What about G4S, have they formed an offshore company or will they be doing the honourable thing and paying UK VAT & Coeporation Tax, I wonder?!
    It looks as though it is lose-lose all the way round the trough for honest UK tax payers.
    Of course HMRC have a special olympic team to "protect" the revenue.

  3. Don't wish to add to the gloom and doom surrounding the olympics and apologise for going off-script, however it is possible that
    many of Kens readers including the staff and managers of HMRC may wish to be aware of the following:-

    "Is there an SIA
    licensing exemption?
    An exemption exists for those
    individuals who are employed by
    LOCOG’s official
    security provider during the
    Games, when they are deployed
    to an officially designated games
    venue, and hold a games
    accreditation card; it does not
    extend to parallel events or live
    This exemption recognises that
    the criteria for these individuals
    is at least equal to that required
    for an SIA Licence; they will
    have been fully trained,
    screened and accredited by

    Don't wish to be alarmist but after the G4S fiasco would you trust LOCOG to get this right?

    Where did this little nugget originate?
    err... it's dated March 2012, its very current and relevant and it's produced by HMG of course! see:-

    What on earth is going on with the security of the UK, has it been devolved to the private sector?

    Remember what happened when they privatised security at IR/HMC&E/HMRC estates, assets started "walking out the doors".

    Once you remove ownership and respect whether at the top of the chain, like the HMRC management, or the bottom layer, nobody cares, and thats dangerous.
    Now, who's telling the truth?

    Seriously, if you are going, have a safe olympics.

    1. Hmm. Something amiss brewing?
      This is from todays M.O.S. p.74 Tony Hetherington *Taxman: It's up to you to spot our blunders "
      " seems there are more problems than solutions. The Revenue has become incompetant thanks to a leadership that frankly couldn't organise a celebration in a brewery."
      " One day MP's will wake up to just how bad the Revenue has become."
      We can all dream I suppose.

  4. Hah, is there no end to this scurrilous rumour mongering.
    Sat on my butt reading Sundat Times and there is an article on page5 relating to HMRC doing away with the concept of taxpayer confidentiality over child tax benefit.
    One law for the rich?
    Evidently George Osborne is being pressed to rethink this one, wonder why?

  5. One senior official in HMRC used to refer to Stephen Banyard as that 'f**king farmyard animal'.

  6. Paid consultant on a self-employed basis of course.
    Personally, I would stay WELL away from this mess.
    You expect to find mess in a barnyard.

    1. Anyone having worked on a farm will recall what you find in a barnyard:-
      empty wrappers, bull@hit, rats, donkeys (no disrespect to donkeys), dead pigeons, mice, pi@@ & wind, banging doors and a dreadful smell that won't go away, oh yes, and usually a village idiot or 2 and a "milking machine", sheep and a scarecrow not to mention a urine extraction machine a number of inbreds, quite a bit of broken and useless machinery (whiteboards, phones & I.T.) a lot of chickens most running around with their heads cut off and more than a few dozy cows waiting servicing by the articial inseminator, some braying asses, usually some grease for the palms.
      Someone asked me once what was the similarity between a pelican and a taxman? They can both stick their bills up their ar@e!
      Oy gotta brand new combine 'arvester
      Mind that cowpat/pacesetter output!