Wednesday 11 July 2012

Good News Everyone - RTI Is Brilliant!

Following yesterday's HMRC Tweetalong about RTI, I am sure that those who took part will be pleased to know that in the view of HMRC RTI is "going very well".


This is the view of Stephen Barnyard (or is it Banyard?) Acting Director of Personal Tax set out in an HMRC press release entitled "RTI pilot goes from strength to strength" issued 9 July 2012.

Seemingly, by the end of September, there will be up to 1,300 employer schemes reporting PAYE in real time.

Loyal readers know that I (and indeed many loyal readers) have a somewhat cynical view about the likelihood of RTI working on budget, on time and without cocks ups:
"There are over 4 million employers in the UK. The RTI Pilot is running with just a handful. I gather even by October 2012 the number will have only been increased to a couple of thousand. This is still only about 0.05% of the total. The plans seem to suggest that over 99% of employers are going to be brought into the scheme from April-October 2013. This is a challenging timetable to put it mildly..."
Here is Barnyard's press release in full, as ever comments and views are always welcome:
"Over 1,300 employers will join the Real Time Information (RTI) pilot between now and September 2012 HMRC announced today.
Stephen Banyard, Acting Director General for Personal Tax, said:

“RTI is on track and the pilot is going very well. We started in April with just 10 employers and now we’ve successfully received over 1.7 million individual records from 338 PAYE schemes.

“Following the success of the first pilot stage, more PAYE schemes will join the RTI pilot, as planned, and by the end of September up to 1,300 employer schemes will be reporting PAYE in real time.

“We are also seeing external confidence in the pilot and we’ve responded to that by offering more large employers, payroll bureaux, new employers and software developers the opportunity to join the RTI pilot or to expand existing involvement in advance of the launch date in April 2013.”

Most employers will begin reporting PAYE in real time in April 2013. All employers will be routinely reporting PAYE in real time by October 2013, in time for the introduction of Universal Credit.

Notes to editors
1. RTI was launched in April 2012. It was expanded from 8th May as scheduled, when the first of a further 310 PAYE schemes started reporting PAYE information in real time. HMRC is on track for a further expansion in November.

2. The pilot includes a wide range of employers based on size, industry type, location, software use to ensure the pilot represents a wide employer base.

3. More information can be found here.

4. Two free webinars are also available:
5. RTI will support the operation of Universal Credit – the Government’s flagship welfare programme - which brings together means-tested in and out-of-work benefits, Tax Credits and support for housing, and will improve work incentives and make work pay.

6. Follow HMRC on Twitter @HMRCgovuk"

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  1. Readers of a certain age will remember the wretched BBC sitcom "Are You Being Served?" in which the aged Young Mr Grace would periodically be wheeled on (literally) to shout "You're all doing very well." Is Young Mr Barnyard auditioning for a re-make?

  2. Those of us with experience of large IT projects will know that such announcements are usually the cover for massive 'descoping' of projects behind the scenes. I would expect that by the beginning of next year the target date for all employers being on RTI will be rapidly be slipping to some date well beyond the current deadline of October 2013.