HMRC Is Shite

HMRC Is Shite
Dedicated to the taxpayers of Britain, and the employees of Her Majesty's Revenue and Customs (HMRC), who have to endure the monumental shambles that is HMRC.

Wednesday, 4 July 2012

HMRC's Banking Matters

As everyone in the country is aware (even those who are not amongst my loyal readers) bankers and banks have been hitting the headlines over the last few weeks.

Aside from the soap opera that is Barclays (today's episode will be most interesting, as Broon and his henchmen will be implicated in the LIEBOR scandal) and the mis-selling of interest rate hedges etc, there is the ongoing matter of the NatWest/RBS/Ulster Bank computer meltdown that has caused chaos wrt people's incoming and outgoing payments and access to accounts.

Whilst RBS would have us believe that it is almost all fixed, the hapless individuals who have to bank with (or expect payment from) Ulster Bank are still suffering. Seemingly the Ulster Bank issue will not be fixed until at least 16th July!

What has this diatribe against RBS got to do with HMRC?

Step forward a loyal reader, who I must thank, who recently pointed out a page on HMRC's website that reminds us all that HMRC now banks with RBS.
"Shame they did not ask Homer about the current state of the Government Banking Service used by HMRC

You will note that it is run by the same RBS group that has so spectacularly screwed up the accounts of its NatWest and Ulster Bank subsidiaries in its recent IT debacle. HMRC may have not been too seriously implemented this time but will it be so lucky in the future.

BTW you have got to hand it to the British government and HMRC for handing over its banking to RBS in April 2008, only to have to bail it out with billions of pounds of taxpayers money to save it from total collapse a few months later. 

Way to go lads."
My question is this, has anyone experienced problems paying money to or receiving money from HMRC as a result of the ongoing RBS system meltdown?

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  1. Dear Ken,
    Courtesy of Newsbiscuit and more than a little ironic, readers should be aware that this is a spoof report BTW!

    The following I came across while "smurfing" the net. it makes for amusing reading and a certain Pacesetter evangelical type organisation immediately sprang to mind and I don't mean the Quaker origin Berkely organisation!
    Clue its been the worst performing public organisation in the eyes of its "customers" ever since it was poured from a cauldron of brown bile.


    Notorious criminal boss elects ‘not to accept bonus this year’

    The overlord of an organised criminal gang yesterday announced that due to poor corporate performance and discovery of some questionable business practices, he will be foregoing his annual bonus this year.

    ‘I now accept that some of our methods were borderline legal at best,’ said the unnamed chief executive of the extortion, money-lending and debt enforcement racket operating out of a front company in the City of London. ‘People sometimes complain that our industry isn’t regulated effectively, but there is a clear and established code among criminals about how we break the law. We’re not bankers, you know.’


    1. Splendid, a diamond in the rough;)